Chapter Fifteen

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My stomach squirmed uncomfortably under the feeling of being watched as I stood at my locker. I looked over my shoulder, a frown set into my features. For a moment I thought I caught a, not even remotely familiar looking, girl looking in my direction, but before my eyes could catch hers she turned away.

My fingers twitched in annoyance as I slammed my locker door shut. I'd had the same feeling all day. People kept looking at me, and whispering in hushed voices.

I wanted to yell at them all to leave me alone, but I was voiceless against them.

It had been like this all day. And I was getting sick of it.

Couldn't people just leave me alone?

Or maybe people were leaving me alone and I was just being paranoid. I let out a long sigh, trying to get myself to relax.

I'm just being edgy. I told myself, as I turned to walk down the corridor, head held high.

But from the corner of my eyes I could still see people talking to each other in hushed voices as I passed, and I couldn't lose the feeling that it was about me.

I let out a deep, frustrated, breath. Maybe Conner's conceitedness was contagious.

Speak of the devil.

I saw Conner's familiar mop of brown hair from across the corridor and for a brief moment my feet froze mid-step.

For the past few days I'd been avoiding him, hoping that whatever semblance of a crush I was holding for him would disappear.

Dear god, I couldn't have a crush on him.

But from the way my heart sped up slightly seeing him told me otherwise.

I'd missed him.

Even though it had been me ignoring him, even though I knew a lot better, I couldn't stop this traitorous feeling from growing in my chest.

Stupid emotions!

Couldn't they focus on a more attainable guy? Like Ian Somerhalder for example.

Because there was no way in hell that Conner would ever look at me as anything other than a friend. Hell we barely even were friends. Plus the almost-friendship we did have was born from his pity and my desperation.

It wasn't exactly something sound for building a relationship on.

I was debating on whether or not it was a good idea to turn away and hide from him, until every last trace of this mushy feeling was gone from me, when he turned and spotted me making my decision for me as he started waving to me.

"Hey Charlotte!" Conner called out to me, gesturing for me to go over to him.

I hesitated a millisecond before making my way over to him. He didn't notice. He had a wide smile on his face as I approached him that made me simultaneously wish I had turned back whilst I still had the chance and all too grateful that I hadn't.

"I've been looking everywhere for you." He greeted me once I was close enough, and my heart leapt a little.

He had?

I squashed the happy feeling that gave my heart.

Get your head together, Charlotte! Stop reading into things that aren't there!

During my inside rant I missed whatever it was Conner said next, and when I surfaced back to reality I found Conner was looking at me expectantly – waiting for some kind of answer.

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