Chapter Eleven

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I sat sullenly in my math's lesson, with my head propped up with my hand, my elbow resting lazily on the desk in front of me. I didn't bother listening to my teacher as she droned on about the Crimean War; instead I was doodling absentmindedly in the corner of my notebook.

Soon a few scribbles ended up taking the entire paper, shape after shape built slowly together, forming a large tree that looked like a replica of the one that stood in the corner of Conner's garden.

After our game of what couldn't really be classed as football, what with all the cheating in the game and picking up of the ball (both on my part) that had occurred, Conner and I had wasted a few hours away lounging around his garden. Him talking. Me listening.

I sighed inside, taking a glance to the empty space beside me. Ever since I had become friends with Conner he had taken up that seat. But not today. Today he was excused for the lesson over something to do with a football game.

And as much as I would like to say that it didn't bother me, my mind was completely numbed with boredom.

Annoyed with myself I took it out on my drawing. I scribbled at huge line over the centre, destroying the picture.

Conner not being here shouldn't be bothering me so much. We'd only been friends for a couple of weeks, and with his overbearing confidence and arrogance he was tolerable at best. But still I kind of wished he was here.

I was grateful for the bell, tearing me out of my thoughts. Who knew where thoughts about missing Conner would lead me. Wherever it was I doubted it could have been somewhere good.

I packed up my 'work' and stuffed it inside my bag, eager to leave the monotonous lesson as quickly as possible. I could feel the years of my life that were ebbing away just by being there.

It was the last lesson of the day, and I wanted nothing more than to be able to leave.

In my haste to just that, I accidently walked straight into someone.

I stumbled back, catching myself on the wall, as a screech came from the other person. Talk about an over reaction.

But the overreaction made total sense to me when I saw who it was that I had walked into.

Melissa Davidson. The schools number one gossip and drama queen. I grimaced as she whirled around at me, completely ready for the screaming fit that was bound to occur. I squeezed my eyes shut.

"WHAT THE HELL? WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING YOU IDI-" My eyes slowly squinted open when she came to an abrupt stop mid-rant.

What I saw I don't know if I was more confused or scared by. Instead of staring at me in disgust and annoyance, like I fully expected, she had a gleam of excitement in her eyes. Like a predator staring at her pray.

"Charlotte. I didn't realise it was you!" She beamed.

Baffled I took a tentative step away. Scared. I was definitely more scared.

She reached out a hand and, gripping onto my wrist, she dragged my closer. I got helplessly dragged along, to confused to do anything about it. "It feels like a forever since we last spoke." She said cheerily.

A blank look fell across my face at her poor choice in words. I hadn't spoken to anyone in a long time.

Seeing my expression she realised her mistake but waved it off. "Or well, I guess you know what I mean." She giggled, and that scared me even more. What exactly was it that she wanted from me?

We'd never been close, even when we had been on the cheerleading squad together. We hadn't ever had enough in common.

So why should she want to talk to me now, when we had even less in common?

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