Chapter Ten

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"You are not doing this again Charlotte." I glared up at my mother, who was staring down at me with one hand placed on a cocked hip, and the other obstructing the words on the page of the book I had just opened to start reading.

"You cannot just spend all your free time, stuck in this house. You need fresh air!" I stared at her incredulously, my fingers tightening on my book, forcing the pages to bend.

What exactly was she expecting me to do? It wasn't like I had any friends I could be socialising with. What else could I do besides coop myself up in the house?

"It's the weekend Charlotte. You're meant to be going out and having fun like the rest of the teenage population!" She chided me.

I glared at her. What in the world had struck her into believing that I was at all like 'the rest of the teenage population'?

"Don't give me that look Charlotte." She said in the tone that every mother possessed. "You didn't used to be like this. You never used to spend more than a few hours at home on weekends. You always had something to do, like cheerleading camp, or slumber parties, or just parties in general."

I grimaced. What sort of mother encouraged their teenage daughters to go to parties? Did she not know that they all consisted of loud music, alcohol, and horny perverts (of both genders)?

That should not be something that should be cheered. If anything she should be glad I wasn't going to them kinds of places.

"What happened to the times when you used to have too many friends for me to even keep track of?" She inquired.

I clenched my hands into fists. Did she seriously ask that question? She knew exactly what happened. She knew exactly why I wasn't that person anymore.

She somehow missed the death glare printed on my face, too lost in her own reminiscing to notice how angry I was at her right then.

"Why don't you ever pick up your phone and try texting people? Seeing if they want to meet up?" She asked her eyes finally focusing back to me, but she still didn't seem to care about the murderous glower I had imprinted across my face.

"I bet Terra would like to hear from you." She said in an after thought.

My back tensed just at the sound of my name, and I felt like viciously punching something. I barely managed to supress the urge to do it too.

Her eyes were alight with excitement. "You know what! That's a great idea!" She boasted like it wasn't her own. "I think I have her mother's number around here somewhere!"

My jaw dropped in disbelief. Was she honestly trying to set me up on a play date? Worse – was she honestly trying to se me up on a play date with Terra? My insides with shuddering with disgust just at the thought of seeing her face.

Back stabbing wench!

Jumping to my feet I slammed my book closed. My mother was barely able to move her fingers aside in time to prevent them from being squashed between the pages.

She glared at me, obviously unhappy.

That makes two of us.

I shook my head in refusal at her idea, glad to finally have enough of her attention to do that. A scowl presented itself on her face.

Obviously she didn't like that I wasn't jumping at the 'brilliance' of her idea like she was. "Fine. I won't call Terra's mum, but you are leaving the house." She said in a deadly voice.

I narrowed my eyes, ready once again to point blank refuse.

"This is not up for discussion Charlotte. Get out of the house." She pointed a long finger to the door with a menacing glare.

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