Chapter Eight

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Miles King.

I stood and stared at him for a while, half unsure I was right, but I was pretty sure I'd recognise those glasses and crooked nose anywhere, even if it'd been a year and a half since he had moved away, and I had only seen him twice since.

Not once had that been after the incident, but I had no doubt on my mind that he had heard about it.

He'd once been a good friend of mine.

He also happed to be possibly the least creepy guy I knew.

I turned to look at Conner to make sure that it was definitely Miles he thought had looked creepy enough to come to my rescue over. Apparently so, he was giving me that 'I told you so' look.

"We're both fine thanks." Conner answered for me when we all stood in an awkwardly long silence. I didn't know at that point whether to be more annoyed or grateful, but I went with the latter.

Miles didn't look like he felt very grateful though as he gave Conner an unfriendly glare. "I'd believe it more if I heard it from Charlie." He said through his teeth.

I winced at the use of my name and the look on Miles' face. Okay maybe Miles did have it in him to look a little scary.

Then his words sank in.

He didn't know?

It seemed hard to believe. Everyone I encounter – even people I didn't know - seemed to somehow know that I was mute.

Conner snorted loudly and I turned to glare at him. He was standing behind me looking all too amused. "You're kidding me right?" He said waiting for some kind of punch line. "Charlotte here is mute." He continued on when all Miles did was stare at him. He made sure to put extra emphasis on my preferred name, and I felt a small rush of gratitude towards him for that.

Miles' eyes widened, his annoyance draining from his face when he heard the news. "Seriously?" He asked looking down at me for confirmation; I nodded my head, looking down at the ground, not wanting to meet his eyes.

Miles had always been sweet to me before the incident, and before I turned mute, but then again so had Terra, I didn't really want to see him change his opinion on me. I didn't want to see the difference in the way he looked at me now he knew.

"Yeah, and we're friends, so your whole 'rescue' was kind of pointless." Conner added unhelpfully, wrapping his arm tighter around my shoulder as he pulled me into him closer. I nudged him in the side, trying to tell him to be nicer, and I saw him wince at the impact so he hopefully got the message.

"Right." Miles mumbled, his cheeks turning red in embarrassment. "I'll-uh- I'll just go then." He said jerking a thumb over his shoulder, before scurrying away, and I felt a little stab in my chest.

Sure I had never been all that close to Miles in the past, but it still hurt that as soon as he found out I was mute he literally ran away.

I turned to look at Conner, knocking his arm off of me as I did so. "You're welcome." He said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

And who says I wanted him to shoo away, someone who was only trying to help me out?

His sense of superiority was annoying to say the least.

A small part of me was amused at the fact that Conner's excuse for coming over here was to protect me from any evil intent Miles had, and Miles reason had been much the same as Conner's.

"Are you seriously annoyed at me?" Conner asked, noting my glare. My scowl deepened as I nodded my head at him. "Seriously? Seriously?" He doubled checked, looking unconvinced.

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