Chapter Seven

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Conner approached from behind Terra, and she remained oblivious to his looming presence until he cleared his throat, demanding attention.

Terra's expression quickly changed to relief as she turned on her heels, more than welcome to a distraction.

"Oh Conner!" She looked surprised to see him standing there, but not displeased. "I didn't know you were coming...did you want to talk to me?" She asked, looking desperate to get away from the awkward situation that our parents had dumped us in.

Conner met my eyes above her head, and he smiled. "Actually I wanted to talk to Charlotte." He said with a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. "So...why don't you scram?" He suggested.

My eyebrows raised, and if it hadn't been Terra I had been with I would have been annoyed at his rudeness. But right now I was fighting back the urge to smile.

"Charlotte?" Terra echoed, her head twisting back to at look at my in astonishment. "Seriously? I-I mean." She cleared her throat. "I didn't know you two were friends." She said looking a little dubious.

What because he's too popular to be seen with the likes of me? That was what she meant to say. It was written all over her face as she stared at the two of us in disbelief. And even though she was right and we weren't friends, the assumption pissed me off.

Conner looked a little peeved too, as he narrowed his eyes. "Well, that's because it's none of your business." Conner told her. "Now can you leave so I can talk to Charlotte?" He said, unsubtle in his attempts to get rid of her as he came around to my side.

I resisted the urge to shove him away as he rested his arm around my shoulder, and I could feel the smugness radiating from him as he stared down Terra, waiting for her to actually leave, because right now she was too busy staring at the two of us in complete shock.

"Well?" He prompted, making shooing motions at her.

I felt a smug delight warm my heart when her cheeks started flaming in embarrassment. "R-right." She nodded her head, still looking confused, and as she started walking away she kept looking over her shoulder as if to double check if she had really seen what she had thought she had.

With a tight smile I gave her a small wave, waiting for her to be back with her friends, before turning to look at Conner expectantly, effectively dislodging his arm from where it had been resting on me.

He still wasn't looking at me, but was instead looking at Terra. "She's a piece of work that girl." He said, with a small, amused smile, and I couldn't help but agree. A part of me instinctively wanted to protect her, because she had been my best friend only a short few months ago, but when my wrist began to itch, reminding me of what it was she had done, the feeling passed.

"Her at that screechy girl she follows around everywhere." I knew instantly that he meant Gabriella, and hearing her described as 'that screechy girl' made my night just that little bit better.

My smile wasn't missed by Conner, who looked utterly surprised. That caused me to rearrange my features quickly in to a frown once more as I glanced up at him, wondering what exactly he was doing here in the first place.

"Ah – you're probably wondering what I'm doing here?" He said knowingly, a small, teasing smile lighting up his face.

Mind reader! I was thoroughly impressed that he could tell what I was thinking, because it made it so much easier than trying to find a way of asking him.

"Well..." He said going to answer, glancing from the left to the right, as if he was about to share a huge secret and he was looking out for people who might be listening in. "To be honest I was worried about you." He said leaning back.
Worried about me?

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