Chapter Four

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"I think it'll look great on you." My mother persisted at the breakfast table, Monday morning. The weekend had passed without much happening, unless counted me locking myself up in my room for the entirety of it all could be construed as 'something'.

"...Pink if definitely your colour..." I wasn't really paying much notice to what my mother was saying. I had already let her know what I thought of the idea of me wearing a dress that she had hand picked out for me, last night. So I let her words blur in and out as I lost myself in my own thoughts.

"I can't wait to see what it'll look like on you on Wednesday night." That caught my attention, causing my head snap up. "I told you about Wednesday right?" She continued, not looking up from her cereal to take in my confused look.

Obviously not. I shot back sarcastically in my mind, but of course she wasn't a mind reader.

"The Hayne's are having a BBQ party." She grinned happily, clearly in love with the idea. "And we're invited." I started violently shaking my head, but my mother ignored my protest. "It'll be lots of fun, and there will be loads of kids your age there."

That would be the problem. Wasn't it bad enough that she had already forced me back to school? I didn't want to have to see them outside of school as well. That would be the very definition of a living nightmare for me.

"It'll be good for you to go. When's the last time you spoke to Terra?" She asked.

How long had it been since I had spoken to anyone? My expression must have said it all, because my mum rolled her eyes at me.

"You know what I meant." She said.

I just shook my head at her again, trying to let her know that I didn't want to see Terra Haynes.

"And Miles is going to be there. Do you remember what a crush he used to have on you?" My mother chuckled to herself, shaking her head, as if to say 'oh that boy'. "I heard he's doing really well at university."

I scrunched up my face, knowing exactly what she was getting at, except there was no chance of Miles and me ever being together. Even if he had once-upon-a-time had a crush on me, he had undoubtedly moved on. And even if he hadn't he was still Miles, and whilst I had once gotten on with the guy I didn't ever have any interest in dating him.

"Oh don't pull that face, it's unattractive." She picked up her empty bowl and leant over to give me a kiss on the cheek that I quickly scrubbed away.
I remember that she used to call me the 'prettiest girl in the world' now it was 'unattractive'. Gee thanks. I love you too.

I glared after my mother's retreating figure as she walked to the sink to do the dishes, wanting to point blank tell her I wasn't going to go to the stupid BBQ but I knew I wasn't going to get out of it that easily.

"You're going to be late dear." My mother told me over her shoulder to me, when I was glaring at her a full minute later.

Clenching my jaw, I abandoned my bowl of half eaten frosted flakes on the kitchen counter, so that I could leave for school.

"HAVE A GOOD DAY!" My mum yelled pointlessly after me as I left the house. Because the chances of that happening are likely. I didn't so much as turn to look at her as I exited the house, hoping that she would get the message that I was angry.

By the time I got to school, my anger hadn't simmered down at all, but not enough for the frown I had on to leave me, but I was past the point of ranting all the things I wanted to say to her in my head.

However I was still in a bad enough mood that I didn't even notice that beside my locker Conner was opening his, and I almost hit him in the face with my locker door as I viciously tore it open. What a horror that would have been. Not.

"Hey!" Conner shouted catching the locker door before it could do any damage.

I barely gave him a glance before turning back.

"Who pissed in your cheerio's?" He asked, only serving to make me more annoyed. Not caring that it was uncalled for I flipped him the bird before continuing to slam my books ruthlessly into my locker, before going to close it only to find that Conner still had a hold of the door.

Turning to him, I put my hands on my hips, wondering what the hell it was he wanted from me.

"You're in a bad mood." He commented, his eyes scouring my face as I scowled at him.

Great one Sherlock. Next you'll be telling me that I had five fingers on each hand. Deciding it was not worth it I span on my heels to march down the corridor.

"Hey wait up!" I clenched my jaw, hearing both of our locker doors slam shut as he rushed to catch up with me.

What the hell was it that he wanted with me? I couldn't think of a good enough for him to be chasing after me down the corridor, as we had already made it blatantly clear to one another that we didn't like each other. Or at least I had.

"Geez you walk fast." Conner commented, falling into step by my side. I gave him an unimpressed look, before speeding up my walk slightly, hoping to lose him. No such luck, he had longer legs than me and was easily able to keep up.

Giving up I stopped dead in my tracks, giving him a look that clearly read 'what do you want?' He stopped short realising I had stopped moving and raised his eyebrows at me.

"So I wanted to talk to you..." He started.

No shit. I gave him a blank look for him to continue.

"Look I want to apologise. I realise I've been kind of a dick."

Kind of?

"Okay a little bit more than 'kind of'." He said as if reading my thoughts. I forced back a smile as I waited for him to carry on. There had to have been something that inspired this change of heart in him.

"I just- I didn't realise you were mute..." He winced, bringing up his left hand to scratch the back of his neck sheepishly.

Oh. It figures. I knew what was happening now because it had happened before. He felt sorry for me. He pitied me. I hadn't expected Conner to be one of those people. I figured that if anything he would be like Leon or Bert, and use my muteness to tease me.

I certainly hadn't seen this coming.

"So yeah." He said obviously not used to apologising. "Sorry." I waited to see if he had anything else that he wanted to add on. "So...we're good now right? I'm forgiven?"

He's really, really bad at this. Instead of giving him an answer I turned and started walking away.

Obviously confused I didn't give him time to follow, and instead ducked into the girl's bathroom to avoid him trailing me.

I didn't think to the fact that I might run into someone I didn't want to see in the bathroom. But that's exactly what happened. Just as I was entering a very familiar girl to me was just finishing whipping her hands clean.

"Charlotte." She said in surprise as we both stopped still, staring at one another.

Would it be too obvious that I was avoiding her if I turned and walked straight back out again?

Probably. I probably couldn't have anyway, my feet seemed to have been frozen in place. Because seeing her again was like getting punched in stomach by my past, and the bitch slapped across the face with my misery.

Because right in front of me stood Terra Haynes.

The girl I used to call my best friend, and someone I was really hoping I wouldn't have to see again.

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