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It was after they had gotten every one settlers in in their rooms when Dan decide get a midnight snack. He was rather upset about them not being able to sleep together but he also understood.
Making his way to the kitchen Dan stopped to admire the boy who was sleeping on the couch peacefully.

Sighing quietly as to not wake him up Dan continued his path to the kitchen when a light was turned on. As much as he wished there was no one in the kitchen, there was.  In her glory stood Dans mother reading a book while she drank a glass of water. Kathryn looked up with a smile one her face." Ah hello son." He said opening her arms to embrace the young boy. "I hope you don't mind I made my self at home." Dan who of corse didn't mind gave her a small kiss in the cheek before sitting g across from his birth giver.

"How do you like it here so far?" He asked casually making conversation.

"I like it a lot,thank you for letting us stay. Its good to see you again,"  the look of love was clear on her face. "And to meet Phil."

Dan couldn't help but smile when his boyfriend was brought up. "Yeah Phil is great." He said happily,Dan couldn't deny that he would be somewhat happy when his parents left so he could cuddle with his boyfriend and watch movies all day.

"So um what's going on between you two?" Kathryn couldn't stop her self from asking the question. Because obviously there was something between the two boys.

"What do you mean?"

"Daniel Howell,do you take your mother as a fool?" He laughed out"I know when someone is in love and your roommate shows all the signs."
A blush crept up Dans neck making a home on his cheeks and face. "I-- we-" Dan stuttered for  a moment before rubbing his hand over his face." Okay,maybe we've been dating for a while." A weight lifted off of Dans shoulder but in its absence anxiety replaced it. The little was worried about what was going to come out of his mother mouth. The last time he had a boyfriend in junior high he remembered his mother boyfriend yelling at him telling him to be more manly,that holding hand with a boy wasn't ok even if they were friends. And his music they did nothing about and seemed to agree.

"Ah I knew it! My little man had a boyfriend!" Quickly stopping her self before she got to loud to wake the boy on the couch.
"You're ok with me being gay?" Dan asked in some what disbelief. He had been worried for so long that his mother would hate him and now so easily she accepts him.

"Honey Ive known you were gay since you were 9 and came home with a ring pop saying you had a husband." Dans mom spewed her infectious laugh deposited her son blushing madly in front of her.

Mumbling how he didn't remember that Dan let out a small  laugh but it was cut short with a yawn. "Honey go get some sleep,and get your man off the couch please." Martha couldn't be happier that her son was happy with a boy that loved him.

"Thank you mom,goodnight." With one last hug and a kiss Dan went to wake his partner and his mother went back to her book.

"Philly wake up!" Dan whined shaking his partner.

His eyes fluttered open,Phil was happy to see his boyfriend but was worried."Baby are you ok?" Phil asked worriedly.

Nodding Dan smiled,"Come sleep with me." Though Phil was worried about his boyfriends parents he raise from his make shift bed and followed Dan to their bed room.

There,the two boys put on a Disney movie while they cuddle and went to sleep,Dan of corse got his pacifier back too.

So this story will continue but it will probably be more active after the marching season tbh because I'm busy.


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