Chapter Three

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"I didn't really think she would ever come back."

"If I was her, I wouldn't have."

My jaw twitched at the painfully obvious gossiping being shared between the two girls behind me, about me. They had lowered their voices but not nearly enough to conceal what they were saying from me.

Apparently the answer was yes. Yes they all still remembered me. And yes the rumours only did get worse.

I wondered silently if the girls behind me knew the distinction between deaf and mute, because I could hear what they were saying perfectly fine.

I could feel the anger and pain coiling inside my chest, making it more difficult to breathe. How was this better for me than being home schooled? If anything it would be considered altogether unhealthy.

"I would have moved towns completely." The first girl said again with a giggle, making the other girl laugh too.

There's an idea.

Maybe that was what I could do. Maybe I could take it one step further and run away and live in a cave and never have to socially interact with people. I wouldn't have to deal with my mother, or my therapist any more that way.

I continued to humour the idea as I continued down the lunch queue picking up a sandwich from the deli bar, along with a bottle of water.

But the reality was I would be dead within the first week. I couldn't survive being Girl Scout, let alone living in the wilderness. But it still made for a nice thought.

Once I paid for my dinner I walked as fast as I could away from the gossiping girls behind me, without making it obvious. Unfortunately my haste to get away caused my to accidently knock my shoulder painfully into an innocent bystander, making me stumble and almost fall flat on my ass.

"Hey watch it!" A definitely male voice snapped at me. I groaned inwardly to myself, straightening myself up to see who it was that I had knocked into. When our eyes met we were both surprised.

Slowly a grin took over his face. "Little Charlotte Grey." He said in amusement. "I heard you were back."

Leon Glass. Possibly the very last person I wanted to run into. He was annoying before the incident, but he was detestable afterwards for the torture he put me through.

I didn't say anything to him, and only gave him a blank glare before turning to walk away. But he didn't let me. Instead he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and tugged me to his side.

"Aren't you going to say 'hi'?" He asked, chuckling to himself, as I struggled to get out from under his grip, but he held firmly onto my shoulder, holding me in place. Giving up I huffed, folding my arms over my chest.

My actions only seemed to amuse him though.

"Is that a no?" He asked clearly finding himself amusing. "That's not fair. Bert, Kevin and I all missed you greatly." He pointed to each of the guys he had been standing with but I just stayed there scowling.

Bert Lee, and Kevin Lawrence. Leon's baboon sidekicks. Not everything changed with time.

"So I guess you're still not talking, huh love?" He asked, leaning in closer. I glared and shoved my elbow into his side in an attempt to get away. If it hurt him by any measure he didn't show it.

"Ouch, baby." He joked instead, rubbing his ribs. "You know you never used to be so violent." He said in woe mockingly, shaking his head. "You've changed. I barely even recognise you anymore." He said reaching out to touch my hair. I just slapped his hand away before he could touch it.

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