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In Mewar's royal palace,
Pratap was getting the thaal (plate)ready for the evening Pooja.
When his mother Enters
Pratap: Let's start the Pooja.
RaniJ:No, pratap, before the
             Pooja I wanted to inform
             you that tomorrow we
              have to go to bejolya.
Pratap: What???????
Rani J: We will leave early in the
               morning from here,so u
                be ready.
Pratap: bejolya ? Why??
Rani: You have to go to meet a
             girl, for your marriage.
Pratap: What!! But u remember
                my condition? When?
Rani J: your father had said that
                he will find a girl of your
                choice than he has found
Pratap: Who is the girl who can
                 challenge me??
Rani: U remember,I had told you
           about my best friend
            Hansa! Her daughter!
Pratap: What  Hansa Masi's
                daughter?? I have heard
                about her so much!
Rani J: Yess, even I have heard
               about her soo much but
               never met her.
Pratap: But r u sure?
Rani J: yes my son. Now no more
               discussion on this. after
                the Pooja go and pack
                 your stuff we will be
            staying there for Two days.
Pratap: ok.
In Bejolya's royal palace,
Rani H was strictly instructing the maids about some arrangements.
Rani H: ( pointing out to the first
                 maid)u go and change
                  the curtainsof the guest
                   rooms,one of you
                   ensure that the garden
                    is clean, go fast, faster.
Ajabde: Why r u shouting , and
                 what's happening here?
                 For whome r all these
                    preparation going on?
Saubhagyavati- for your  future
A: whattttt???
Rani H:- It's nothing like that,
                 ajab u don't pay
                 attention to her talks.All
                  these arrangements r for
                   Mewar Naresh
                    Maharana Udai singh
                  and my childhood friend
                 Jaivantabai.They will be
                  arriving here in the
S: - Masisa( to Rani H) u forgot to
       tell her the main thing.Never
        mind I will tell her.
        Ajabde with them your would
         be husband is also going to
A: what, would be husband???
     Can someone please tell me 
      what is going on here.
Rani H: She is right ajabde, Kuvar
                 Pratap is also going to
Ajabde: what Kuvar Pratap!! The
                prince of Mewar is going
                to come to our palace.But
S: u r such fool! From when I am
     telling you that your will be
     husband is Comming.
Ajabde:(analysing everything)
                 That means father has
                 choosen Kuvar Pratap for
                   me ??(in shock)
              'The Prince Kuvar Pratap'?
                 But, how is this possible ,
                  we are Just a Samant
               family and there are from
              'Rajgharana'(Royal family)
Rani H: U don't need to worry
                about that. But I wanted
                 to tell you one thing
A: and what is it?
Rani H: look we r not putting any
                 kind of pressure on u.
                 After meeting him ,your
                 decision will be the final
A:yaaa, ok.but
Rani H: now what happened?
A: (scared) what about my
        condition? I did not expect
         Kuvar Pratap Singh as my
          future husband ,even in my
           dreams. And  unknowing
            the condition I have put
            forward will be applicable
            to him.All of us present
              here know  what all he can
              do. I am nowhere in front
               of him. I am feeling so
                guilty right now.Maa, Plz
                tell me that father has
                  not informed about the
                  condition to him.
                     (hopeing for the best)
Rani H: don't worry he has not
                spoken anything about
                 this to anyone. Cause he
                  knew that, after hearing
                   Kuvar Pratap's name u
                   will react like this.And
                    he will not tell it to
                     anyone. U don't worry.
Ajabde: When r they comming.?
S: Tomorrow morning!!!
A: Ok.

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