Chapter 15

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Chapter 15


After our bath I dried Finn off with one of the large towels and he seemed to have regained most of his energy.  He showed no signs of discomfort for which I was very grateful as I hadn't planned to take his virginity quite this soon, but my sexy little pet definitely pushed me over the edge.  I knew I had to work on my control of him, I was letting him get under my skin in so many ways and it was not necessarily a good thing for me.  I was a man who required complete control, especially with anyone as close to me as Finn was now.

"Are we going to go work out this morning?" he asked.

"Nope."  I kept my reply short as I had a bit of a surprise for him today.

"But I'm fine Nico!" he wailed.  At the realization of his outburst, he quickly covered his mouth with both his hands and looked at me with wide eyes.   I stopped drying him off and gave him a stern look.

 "I'm sorry, Master," he quickly corrected.

"You know pet," I said, steeling my voice, "I've been going easy on you since you got sick, but as you pointed out so succinctly, you are fine now, so I will expect that you abide by my rules and when you don't...what will happen?"

"I'll...get punished?"

"Yes, you'll get punished.  Do you know why I punish you?" I asked.

" that I won't break the rules?"

"That's right.  Good boys get rewards and bad boys get punished.  Even though we just shared a very special morning, one that I won't forget for a very long time.  It does not mean that I can just look the other way when you misbehave.  It's not how it works," I explained.

He nodded slightly and looked down, so I used my index finger to lift his chin up.  "Do you understand?" I asked.

"Yes, Master," he quickly answered, looking into my eyes with sincerity.

"Good boy.  Since I may have confused you in the last day or so with my lax attitude, the punishment this time will be very minor, but your training is back in session, so keep that in mind."

I took the towel off of him and laid him over my lap.  "It will be 10 quick spanks and I want you to count them and say 'Thank you Master' after each one."

"Yes, Master," he sighed.

"Watch your tone pet!" I corrected.

"Yes, Master," he repeated, this time with no attitude.

Spank!  "One.  Thank you Master."

Spank!  "Two.  Thank you Master."

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