When It Rains In Ocala (Single)

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Title: When It Rains In Ocala
Author: writerbug44
Status: Completed

Never was there a girl so innocent, so good, yet so clueless to how this world worked. She fell hard and she fell fast for the boy in the rain. Never was there a love so pure, so perfect, so right. They were living the fairy-tale, but the girl was only dreaming the dream, for fairy-tales, everyone knows, aren’t real.
Maggie Harris is ready for a boring summer with her friends. But then you throw in the new kid, Evan Matthews, an overprotective older brother, and a series of unsuspected storms into the mix, and you know Maggie’s summer will be anything but boring. One thing is for sure, though. Anything can happen When It Rains In Ocala.

My Review
I don’t have much to say on this book, except that it was fucking beautiful. The most beautiful, well-written, emotional story on Wattpad, if ever there was one. I cried when I read it, and I am not a crier.
But WIRIO was the deepest story I’ve read so far. To me, it proved that everything good always has an ending. Sometimes, it’s a happy ending. Sometimes, it’s a sad ending. WIRIO really tugged at my heartstrings.
Thank you to the amazing writerbug44 for sharing your talents with all the eager readers, including me. I absolutely loved this book, and it’s definitely worth a read. If you’re a crier, I suggest you grab a tissue-box and keep it at hand.

<3 Jess

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