Through the Years

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WARNING!!!!!! There is blood in this chapter, if it makes you uncormfortable, I apologise. But after this Chapter, good things will happen. I promise.




One year on from that day, Jestro was now nine years old. Throughout the first year of the curse, things just got hard for everyone. Lavaria still had to go to town to gather supplies, but she could no longer do it in the daytime out of risk of being seen. Since Whiparella had a tail instead of legs, she had to learn to slither instead of walk. Burnzie and Sparkks were bigger and stronger than they were before; having trouble fitting through some of the doors of the castle and accidentally breaking things from time to time. Magmar and Moltor were stronger as well, but Magmar had more self-control then Moltor did. Flama could not touch anything without setting it on fire, but almost everyone was turned into a lava based monster. Jestro was the only one he could not touch without hurting him. Beast Master had trouble keeping up with his two pets because they were now faster in their round ball shape forms. But he was a bit faster and stronger than he was before. Book keeper was pretty much the same, but he seemed to have become slightly hyperactive; running around the castle and climbing on furniture. As for Jestro...

Jestro was almost nothing like he was before. Physically and mentally, he changed. Whiparella and Lavaria grew concerned for him as he stayed quiet most of the time. He barely ever looked at anyone in the eye when he talked to them. He moved from sharing the women's quarters with Lavaria and Whiparella to the masters chamber. He kept the rose in its glass dome; feeling a strange need to protect it. Some days, he barely came out of his room. He usually only came down for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

One day, the gang were sitting in the living room discussing their situation.

"I sure you're all not used to your forms. So we need to figure out a way to undo this curse." Magmar pointed out the obvious with good intentions.

"What did that jerk say when he cursed us?" Flama played with sparks from his fingers as he tried to remember.

"It was unless you find someone who will love you as you are, you will remain a beast." Beast Master reminded.

"What does it mean?" Burnzie asked.

Whiparella looked up as she played with her whips.

"Isn't it obvious? Someone has to love Jestro for what he is inside." She answered the question.

"But we all love him." Sparkks pointed out.

"I don't think it works that way." Lavaria respectively argued. "I'm not a necromancer. But I know there are curses that can only be lifted by the power of love."

"So Jestro needs someone to fall in love with him." Moltor said with a raised brow. "Jeez, that just sounds cheesy."

Just as they were talking, Jestro was walking down the stairs; listening in on their discussion.

"But how is someone going to come out here? No one knows about this place except us and Monstrox." Beast master pointed out.

"Maybe we could go to one of the towns and kidnap some girls for Jestro." Flama proposed with a rather mischievous grin.

"Absolutely not! If we leave the castle, we could gather the attention of monster hunting villagers with pitchforks and torches!" Magmar disapproved of Flame's idea.

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