Ch. 34





As soon as I heard the click on the lock my hands got clammy and I felt my heart start flying. I opened my mouth to let out another scream when his other hand wrapped around my face and covered my mouth muffling my scream.

“For God’s sake, do you want to get me caught?”

I felt as though everything around me all stopped. I knew that voice. I knew that voice and I knew the person who the voice belonged to. Suddenly I could really feel the hand around my wrist and face. I knew those hands too, and I knew the slight tingle that was running up and down my arm just because of his simple touch.

I reached my free hand up and gently pulled his hand away from my mouth. For a second I thought that he wasn’t going to let me but then he wrapped his fingers in mine and pulled me around so that I was facing him.

I felt my heart sink.

For one second I let my hopes get the best of me. I started to think that maybe Daniel really was alive and that he was here to help me.

Even though it wasn’t Daniel I still felt my knees buckle because it was Demtri. I didn’t know why he was here or want he was planning on doing but the fact that I was seeing a familiar face right in front of me was enough to cause my body to go in shock.

“Oh my god.” He groaned and wrapped his arms around me crushing me to his chest. After a second I wrapped my arms around him too letting my head fall into his chest in exhaustion. I could feel his breath going down my neck and he rubbed his hands up and down my back.

“I thought I wouldn’t ever see you again.” He whispered hoarsely.

Suddenly I was a little confused. I was still glad that he was here but I didn’t understand why he would be this glad that I was here.

“Demtri,” I sighed pushing back on his chest, “There’s no one around you don’t have to pretend.”

His eyes clouded over with hurt as I pushed him back, “What do you mean?” He asked, his eyes never leaving mine making me squirm slightly.

“I’m really glad you’re here, you have no idea but I don’t understand why you would be that excited. I mean we weren’t in love before so I don’t know why you are acting like we are now, especially when no one else is here but us.”

He closed his eyes for a second and let out a soft laugh. When he opened them back up, he watched his hand as it pushed back a loch of my hair and went lower to cup my cheek.  He finally raised his eyes to meet mine with so many unnamed emotions swimming in their depths I was momentarily shocked. “I forgot you don’t know.” He murmured softly.

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