chapter 21

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Natsu's POV:

We opened the door to find Lisanna sitting on Lucy's couch petting a blue exceed.

When Lisanna saw us, she threw, yes I mean threw, the poor exceed and ran up to us.

Once she reached us she shoved Lucy and wrapped her arms around me.

Looking up a me, she smiled. Frowning, I gently shoved her off me.

The only girl that can hug me and smile at me is my Luce.

Turning around, I watched as Luce stood up and dusted herself off.

Once she finished, she glared at Lisanna.

" What do you want Lisanna?", Lucy asked, sounding tired and upset.

Lisanna glared at Lucy, which immediately made me angry.

Then Lisanna ran over to the blue exceed, which only hissed and clawed at her, at brought him over to me.

Smirking at Lucy, Lisanna handed me the cat.

" Lucy, my dearest friend. I only brought my sweet Natsu a gift. I heard about your mission and decided to bring Natsu a companion, in case you ever go missing and I'm not here to comfort him~", Lisanna purred, grinning at me.

The thought of Lucy ever going missing made me angry and sad at the same time.

Frowning, Lucy took the cat from me and held it her arms.

Lucky cat, it gets to be all pressed up in her ches- and moving on!

Anyway, Lisanna gave Lucy a small smile before walking past us and out the door.

And I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda happy she she left.

Looking back at Lucy, I saw her giving the cat little kisses on it's face.

" Little blue exceed, what is your name~," Lucy cooed at it.

" Aye Sir, my name is Happy!"

Luce started laughing and hugged Happy even closer.

" Happy huh? Well, every time I see you I'm happy, so that's a perfect name! Right Natsu?"

Looking away, I nodded and started to walk towards the bedroom.

But then Happy's scent hit my nose.

Quickly turning around, I snatched Happy out of Luce's arms and roughly pinned him against the wall.

Lucy only watched shocked as I started screaming at this pest.

Now you might be wondering why I'm screaming at a poor little exceed that's pinned against the wall right?

Well here's the answer.

Happy smells exactly like the man that came and stole Lucy about a week ago.

And we all know that exceeds are shape shifter's.

So the answers obvious...
"Where's the man that kidnapped Lucy from her bedroom at?"

NG out~

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