Saving Elliot (Single)

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Title: Saving Elliot
Author: northbynorth
Status: Incomplete

Meet Elliot Jensen. She’s stubborn, intelligent, sarcastic, short-tempered and ambitious. Now, meet Elliot Fintry. He’s impulsive, rude, cold, devious and reckless. Not to mention, recklessly gorgeous.
It might be annoying having to share the same name as the person you hate with all your heart, but it’s even more annoying having to share the same freaking house as that same person. He’s everything she hates…so why does he make her heart pound like it does when he’s around?
Winter and summer. Fire and water. North and south. Heaven and Hell. This isn’t just a love story, this is a story about love.

My Review
Do I even need to say anything? Read the freaking blurb, people. Already hooked, aren’t you? For me, as soon as I read the blurb to this story, I was already in love with it. A quick shout-out to the ever awesome northbynorth and the equally awesome book SE.
The relationship between Jensen and Fintry is a hate-love relationship. Many people nowadays try to write more and more hate-love relationships, but northbynorth has put their own spin on it and has consequently created a hilariously entertaining relationship. At times, it’s a light, cute, teasing relationship, and at times, it’s a deep, emotionally hurting, relationship.
SE is so beautifully written, and the emotions protrayed throughout the story tear at the heartstrings. This story is definitely what I would call a Wattpad Original. SE is perfect in terms of grammar, perfect in terms of humour, perfect in terms of turning the tables on the term cliché, perfect in terms of the hate-love relationship, and just perfect, in general. It’s a great read, and definitely worth the wait for new updates.

<3 Jess

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