chapter 20

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Natsu's POV:

The next day Lucy was able to leave, and we headed back to Magnolia.

Of course, we had an extra member with us.

Wendy decided that she was going to pursue he dream of joining Fairy Tail.

Lucy was super excited and so was Juvia.
And since my Luce was happy, I was happy.

We all were currently on a train back to the guild.

I was in a mix between being in the pits of Hell, or being in pure Heaven.

Hell, because my motion sickness was kicking in worse than ever.

Or Heaven, because my head was lying on Lucy's lap, and she was slowly running her fingers through my hair singing something about a Sad Song?

Anyway, to be honest. I would ride a train every day, just to be this close to Lucy. Just to hear her sing a song for me and only me.

These moments on this train with her we're the best moments of my life.

* Time skip, two hours later*

We've finally reached Magnolia!

I instantly ran off the train and waited for the rest of the gang to get off of the train.

* Time skip, ten minutes later*

Gray and Juvia decided that they wanted to go look for a house that they could live together in.

After we parted ways, Wendy, Carla, Luce, and l walked towards the guild.

Once we got to the guild, I noticed that little Wendy was looking at the guild door nervously.

Smiling, I slowly reached down and grabbed her hand.

Even though we've only met a few hours to a day ago, I feel like she's my little sister.

Giving her hand a gentle squeeze, I motioned for her to open the doors.

Wendy took a deep breath and pushed open the doors, releasing my hand in the process.

Lucy smiled and grabbed both of our hands and dragged us in, Carla flying behind us.

Dragging us to the bar, Lucy informed master and Mira that Wendy wanted to join the guild.

Master happily agreed, an as soon as master announced that Wendy had joined the guild, they immediately started partying hard.

Lucy and I decided to just go home and go to bed.

As we walked to Lucy's apartment, Lucy looked at me and started to blush.

It made her look so cute!?

" Natsu, just so you know, you can sleep in the bed with me, so you know, no one steals me in my sleep. It's your choice."

Grinning widely, I quickly agreed and began walking even faster.

Once we reached her apartment, she opened her door, only to be greeted by...

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