Justin’s P.O.V.

My heart was thudding as my cheek throbbed unnoticed as Skylie was going on and on in some kind of rant, I took to the time to take in her facial beauty. Her flawless face was free from any hair due to the fact that the wavy strands were bunched up at the top of her head in a messy bun. She had no makeup on and I could see a hint of a pimple trying to burst upon the surface, but to me it still looked cute on her.

Raking my eyes over every single centimeter of her face, I stopped at her lips abruptly. They were so full, luscious, and a heavenly pink. Just looking at them shot strong emotions through my veins. But the only problem is, she doesn’t prefer my gender………

Skyarlette’s P.O.V.

After I was done my rant I was breathing heavily from talking so fast and long, Justin still stared at me star struck or something that it made me wonder if he was listening and if he heard one word I said.  Shaking my head, I eased myself off of him and turned on my heel heading for the door. I didn’t really care if he was following or not, I just wanted to get back to my food. Opening the door which was imprinted with floral designs scattering across the glass, I made my way back to the breakfast table. My mom and Pattie were busy in a very animate conversation; their hands were flying everywhere as they spoke.

I wasn’t really into the mood to talk, so I scarfed down some hash browns and was about to start on my eggs when Ania spoke.

“I saw you and Justin outside. Did you guys have fun?” she asked with a smirk fighting its way onto her lips. I glared at her and continued to eat, trying to ignore their laughter directed at me.

“Have you guys got your things ready for the concert tomorrow?” Pattie asked sweetly.

“Oh sh*t that’s tomorrow?”

“We’re going to a concert?”


“Yea, I did yesterday.” Were all the replies, apparently I was the only one who had remembered; thanks to my phone.

“Language.” Pattie reminded us; well Chaz pointedly.

 “You already picked out clothing without our help? Please tell me there aren’t any overalls or sweats included in the package.” Bre whined.

“Nice to know that my friends think highly of me.” I sarcastically replied.

She gave me a sheepish smile and continued to talk, but I cut her off before any words could pour out her mouth.

“Were you even gonna help me pick out my clothes in the first place? Everyone has been avoiding me like the Bubonic plague; I wouldn’t want you to catch it.” I spoke in the same sarcastic tone. She grinned sheepishly and waved it off by stuffing her mouth with food, which refrained her from any further speaking. I shook my head and continued to eat; not even pausing to look up even when the door opened and Justin walked in greeting everyone.

After I was done eating, I tidied up my part and headed off to my room to find something to do for the day. Falling onto my bed, I grabbed my book and laid my head back onto the pillow. Slipping away to my land of books, I lost all my thoughts and was concentrated on the story. I tend to get pretty unresponsive when I read, so it’s like I’m captured in the book and don’t take note of my surroundings. I read for a while, not taking note of how many chapters flew by and before I knew it I was at the ending pages of the book. Closing the book, I reflected on all that had happened and smiled; the book wasn’t all that it let out to be from reading the back but it still was an amazing read.

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