chapter 19

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Lucy's POV:

The last thing I remembered before blacking out was a horrible agonizing pain in my stomach, and terrifying yellow eyes staring into mine.

I then woke up in this room, my only companion a little girl with blue pigtails.

We talked for hours and hours. I learned that her name was Wendy Marvel, and that her dream was to join Fairy Tail.

I also learned that she was a Sky Dragon Slayer. And had a white exceed named Carla.

( All exceeds are shape shifter's)

She then remembered that I had people waiting for me, and decided to tell them that I had just woke up.

Stands up, I looked down to see that I had a hole in my shirt surrounded by blood.

The door suddenly slammed open and an excited Natsu rushed in and wrapped his arms around me.

I smiled and started to hug him back.

I had to admit, it felt nice being in Natsu's arms. I felt safe and warm.

I was enjoying this feeling, when I suddenly felt my shoulder get wet.

Pulling back, I stared at Natsu shocked as I saw tears running down his face.

Reaching up, I softly wiped away his tears.

Natsu cupped my cheeks and slowly pressed his forehead against mine.

" Luce, promise me that you'll never die, that we can go on hundreds of adventures. Promise me that you'll live for me. Because Lucy, I am living for you."

Smiling, I slowly nodded.

" Natsu Dragneel, I promise, that I will live for you and shall never die. I promise that we shall go one hundreds of adventures."

Gazing into each other's eyes, Natsu slowly began to speak.

" Luce, I l-," he was interrupted by a excited Gray and Juvia.

Juvia rushed over to me and shoved Natsu over to check up on me.

Gray gave me a small wave and laughed at the unconscious Natsu on the floor.

Smiling softly, I thought about the promise I made to Natsu...

But sometimes, promises are meant to be broken....
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