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Alexandria's POV

I stare at the note in front of me. This is my future, at least for the next year. The note holds the address and phone number of my uncle, Thomas Michaels. Silverado Trail, Napa, California. I have never met my uncle but if he is like my father said I'm sure we will get on just fine. Father said that he is married with two sons. I wonder why my uncle never visited us. Even though I'm curious I can understand. I am Alexandria 'Lexie' Michaels Crown Princess of Denmark. That makes my father, Alexander Michaels, King of Denmark and my uncle the Prince. My uncle decided long ago he wanted nothing to do with the crown. He left for America. He and my father have only communicated by phone and email since.

My father thought it would be best for me to have Senior year in an American High School. In a few years I will be expected to take over from my father. He wanted me to be a normal teenager before that happened.

I'm tapped on the shoulder and I turn to face Robert. Robert is the bodyguard my father insisted should come with me. He will stay with me until I'm settled and then fly back to my father's side. I take the headphones out of my ears and smiles at him.


"Your highness, we are landing."

"Thanks you Robert."

Robert knows I hate take off and landing. I hate flying in general. I quickly put my headphones back in and grab some chewing gum out of my handbag. I shut my eyes, chew my gum and grip onto the armrests. Roughly ten minutes pass before Robert taps me on the shoulder again indicating we have touched down. I hate especially flying by private plane so father arranged for Robert and I to be the only two passengers in first class.

"Princess we may disembark now." Robert says standing from his seat. He takes both of our carry on bags and gestures for me to lead the way. I thank the air hostesses as we make our way from the plane. All of my belongings were sent ahead at the request of my uncle so Robert and I can move straight out of the airport.

As we walk through the arrivals gate four people catch my attention. There is a man roughly six foot maybe taller he is standing holding a huge sign. Next to him a gorgeous woman is holding a similar sign. In front of them is a little boy who look about five holding a bunch of balloons. Standing a little off from the group is a boy who looks about my age. His eyes are on his phone and he is holding a sign down by his side. All the signs read, 'Welcome to Napa Lexie.'

I move towards the four of them with Robert still a few paces behind them.

"Alexandria?" The man I'm assuming is my uncle asks tentatively. I nod and smile.

"It is so great to meet you! I'm Lily." My aunt says wrapping me up in a hug.

"This is Robert." I say taking a step back. Robert bows beside me.

"Majesties." He says in greeting. The boy who is my age looks up from his phone and laughs.

"Robert no need for formalities." My uncle says. "My brother is not around. Please just call me Tom. Lily has already introduced herself and these are my sons, Corey-" he points to the older one, "and Cooper." He says pointing to the younger one.

"It is nice to meet you all." I say politely. Corey looks up from his phone briefly he smirks at me before looking away.

"Well lets get you both back to the house." Lily says.

"I helped mum with your room!" Cooper squeals beside me.

"I can't wait to see it." I say with a smile and he grins. He takes hold of my hand as we walk following Lily and Tom to the car.

"Are you really a princess?" Cooper asks once we are seated in a limousine. My uncle tells the driver where to go and then turns back to us.

"She is the Crown Princess Coop. That means she will be Queen one day." Uncle Tom says with a smile.

"Can I be King?" Cooper asks excitedly and I see a smile appear on Robert's normally stoic face. "I'll be five in December!"

"No you loser that isn't how it works!" Corey speaks for the first time.

"Corey." Lily scolds her son.

"You might not get to be King but I can make you a knight if you like?" I say and Cooper's grin gets even bigger.

"Did you hear that daddy? I'm going to be a knight!"

We continue our drive with Cooper happily chatting about his knighthood and Corey tapping away on his phone.

"Alexandria we ought to talk about school." Uncle Tom says.


"You will be going to the same school as Corey you two are in the same grade. There are no uniforms and your father has already selected all of your subjects. If you wish to join any extra curricular activities let me know and I can organise that for you. No one at the school will know you are a princess. As you know you are enrolled under the name Lexi Michaels."

"Thank you for organising everything."

"Of course we are happy to have you." Lily says with a smile.

"We do expect that you will follow the same rules and curfew as Corey."

"Of course." I say and I hear Corey scoff. The car stops and I look out the window to see a huge house and vast expansive vineyard.

"Well," Tom says holding the door for me as I get out. "Welcome to Black Vine Winery."

"Your house is beautiful."

"It is not quite a castle." Tom says with a laugh.

"Even so the beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I offer. "Your land goes on forever."

"We will ask you to help out with the vineyard on occasion but the grounds are yours to explore and horses are yours to ride." Tom directs me towards the house.

"Horses?" I try to mask the excitement in my voice.

"Alexander said that would be the way to win you over." Robert and the others enter the house and Tom stands with me as I get my bearings. "Do you have any questions?"

"When do I start school?"


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I'm going to update a few chapters today while I have some time :) Give me your feedback pretty please I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm going to update a few chapters today while I have some time :) Give me your feedback pretty please I'd love to hear your thoughts

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