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(^This is Jasmine^)
Some of y'all may know her as Jasmine Villegas or Jasmine V for short

Okay so to start my life off....Let's rewind to 10 years ago (When I was five) when we were still with my dad. See my dad was a drug and alcohol adict, so one night.....idk.....he just....wazzed out..

***FlashBack 10 Years Ago**

:::Jasmine POV:::

Me: *laying in bed not able to go to sleep from hearing screams and stuff breaking outside my bedroom door* *crying and screaming*

Mom: *storms into the room* come on Jaz we gotta leave! *blood coming down from her forehead and crying*

Me: mommy what happe--gco

Mom: Sh shh shh please be quiet baby

Me: *about to say something else but stops herself*

Mom: *hastly packing her and my clothes* *finishes and goes underneath my bed and pulls out a big suitcase*

Inside the suitcase was a HUGE wad of money! There had to of been millions of dollars in there. I found the suitcase under my bed last year, but I couldn't figure out how to open it.

Me: *eyes widen* woaaahh

Mom: *grabs the suitcase* okay come on baby! *grabs her hand pulling her out the room with the suitcases*

Me: okay mommy *crying and follows her*

When we walked out the room, my dad had this possesed look on his face that just freaked me out! I screamed and tried to look away. Then he threw a glass vase at me. It shattered into a million pieces and cute my upper left arm! I was in pain and cried more, but I didn't stop walking toward the door with mommy.

My dad: *smirks* yeah y'all get yo asses out of my damn house!!!

Mom: *looks back at him* damn you!!! Damn you to hell!! I hope you go to jail with your abusive ass self!!

My dad: you betta get yo ass outta here bitch!!

Me: *scared as hell with tears silently streaming down face*

Mom: *starts walkng out without saying another word*

Me: * walking with her*

Mom: *gets into the car* *puts me in my carseat*

Me: *still crying in pain* mommy where are we going?

Mom: We have to get away from here baby! Your dad is going insane! We have to get as far away as possible. We're going to catch a flight to L.A. and buy a house there.

Me: okay *innocent and scared voice*

**Flashback Over**

Yup so we're living in L.A. and my mom said that on the news, that my dad was shot and killed. So we don't have to worry about him coming after us. I still miss him tho cause even tho he was wrong by what he was doing, he was still my only dad and I loved him. But now I go to this high school named Whitman High and I have 3 awesome best friends named Jamie, Alexandra (or Alex), and Kyla. They're amazing and a great part of my life! We stick together through thick and thin! My mom and I are really tight but the only downside of my life is Princeton..... Jesus Christ I fucking hate that nigga.. and he is always bullying me at school and his friends just watch and laugh. But my friends help me through it

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