Ch. 21 I Feel Bad.

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~ Ayla's P.O.V ~

I pulled away, and tried to move but this closet was really small.

"I can't do this to Logan, I love him. You have a wife.."
"You're right, I'm sorry." He looked at me.
"I'm going home." I grab the handle.
Jake put his hand on my hand.
"Don't go.."
"I'll call an uber, its fine." I walked out.

I went outside and called a uber, the uber arrived two minutes later.

I got in the passengers seat.

"Hello, sky-"
"Logan?" I widened my eyes.
"Heyy, im you're sexy uber driver." He smiled at me.
"What are you doing here? And how did you--"
"Don't ask." He cut me off.

He drove back to the house.

"Okay let's go beautiful." He walked out of the car.
"Cmon." He opened my door.
"Since when did I listen to you?" I frowned.
He picked me up.
"You always have to listen to you're daddy."
"Put me down Logan."
He smirked at me.

He opened the door and ran to the bed room.
He threw me on the bed.

"I'm gonna take a shower, care to join me?" He winks at me.
"Nope, not now, not ever." I smiled at him.

He got a text message, he looked at it and hid his phone.

"Who was that?" I raised one eyebrow.
"My mom." He hesitated a bit.
"Oh okay, enjoy you're shower." I smiled.
"Thanks Aylabear." He kissed me on the forehead.

He walked into the bathroom, I heard him talking to someone. I put my ear against the door. And I heard a little bit.

All I heard was, "I'll be there in 20, ok bye." That's it.. I wonder where he is going.

After five minutes.

He came out of the bathroom.

"Hey." He smiled.
"Hey Logyyyy" I jumped on his back.

He was only wearing a towel on his waist btw.

He held onto my ankles.
"What's up beautiful."
"Want to nap?" I smiled at him.
"I can't babe, I'm going out in 10." He turned his head to me, and pecked me on the lips.
"Where are you going?" I pecked him back.
"I'm going to hang out with friends." He looked down.
"Okay, have fun." I got off his back.

I could tell he was lying, it's not that hard to tell.

He wont look in you're eyes, he has this guilt in his eyes, his lips tremble, he puts his hands threw his hair a lot, and he moves a lot.

He looked nervous, I wonder why he lied to me..

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