Chapter 7: Death Bed

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"Danny I need to call Batman ok? I'm going to give you some morphine and an anesthetic to knock you out until he gets here.

"F-Fine! J-Just hurry!" Danny gasped, his eyes glowing green. Robin grabbed a needle and filled it with the correct amount of morphine and filled another with anesthetics. He injected the anesthetic into Danny's arm first to knock him out. After a few seconds his screams became whimpers which turned to moans of pain. Robin then quickly administered the morphine to at least make Danny's pain more tolerable. Once he was sure Danny was ok for the moment, he ran to the communication hub and dialed Batman. He picked up quickly.

"Robin, what's the issue?" Batman asked. By the look on Robins face, he knew something had happened.

"It's Danny, he needs help, now. It's bad and I don't know what's wrong." Robin said worriedly.

"I'm coming now." Batman said. The video chat was cut off and after a few moments, the zeta tubes announced his arrival. Both Batman and Robin ran to the medical bay to find Danny still asleep but drenched in sweat. Robin showed him what he found and Batman proceeded to check his vitals and check for any pieces of shrapnel from the GIW left in Danny's body. The scans showed nothing.

"What are we going to do?! The scans say there's nothing in him but from the way the black veins start on his right side of his stomach say otherwise. There has to be something there!" Robin said panicking. The zeta tubes sounded announcing someone had entered the mountain. A few moments later, Superboy walked into the medical bay.

"What's going on." he asked in a monotone voice.

"How did you...never mind, something's wrong with Danny." Robin said showing Superboy the black veins. He walked closer and looked down at Danny's stomach, his eyes widening slightly, and a look of worry passed through his eyes before disappearing. The brief look did not go unnoticed by Robin however. "What is it?" Robin asked.

"There's a small piece of metal or something located there." Superboy replied. "It's killing him."

Batman quickly grabbed a scalpel and asked where exactly the shrapnel was. Superboy took a black surgical marker and drew and 'X' exactly where the piece of metal was. Batman swabbed the area with iodine and made a small incision in Danny's right abdomen. He looked for the shrapnel but it wasn't in sight.

"I can't see it." Batman said. At that moment, Dannys breathing became harder and more shallow, his heart rate increasing rapidly, causing Robin to panic.

"Batman if we can't find that shrapnel, Danny's going to die!" Robin said, panic etched in his voice. Superboy walked over to the medical table and picked up a pair of medical tweezers. He walked back over to Danny.

"Move, I can get it out." he said. Batman stepped aside and watched with Robin as Superboy carefully inserted the tweezers into the small incision and pulled out a small shard of glowing green metal. He dropped it into the medical tray and looked at Danny's face. His breathing had begun to slow to a normal rhythmic pattern, his heart rate also dropping down to normal levels. Batman quickly came over and grabbed a needle and stitches along with a syringe full of saline, and proceeded to flush the wound out, dry the area, and stitch up the incision. He wiped the area down again with iodine and covered the incision with gauze. He's needed treatment like this before, so Batman was an expert, in a way, when it came to things like this.

(A/N It said alcohol before but I realized that was inaccurate. It's actually iodine. I think it's more effective than alcohol. I should know, I had to get something remove, awake, and they used iodine, not alcohol...I hate that day lol)

"He's going to need to rest. Lots of it." Batman said once he finished wrapping the wound. Superboy nodded his head and pulled up a chair.

"I'll take first watch." he said. Robin raised his eyebrow curiously.

'Could it be that...? No that doesn't seem like Superboy...but, what if?' Robin thought to himself. He eyed Superboy for a moment longer before sighing.

"Ok. But get me immediately if anything happens." he said. Superboy nodded, his gaze unmoving. Batman left the room after checking Danny's vitals one last time. Robin left soon after, glancing behind himself before leaving. Danny and Superboy were the only ones present in the medical bay. Danny shifted in his sleep to his side, shivering slightly. Superboy walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a blanket and proceeded to drape it onto Danny's sleeping figure. He snuggled into the blankets warmth. Superboy sat back down and watched Danny closely. He noticed some of Danny's bangs in front of his closed eyes.

'What I wouldn't give to see his bright green or ice blue eyes right now.' he thought brushing aside some of Danny's bangs. His hand grazed Danny's face slightly, and the sleeping teen let out a content sigh. Superboy paused for a moment, a faint blush dusting his cheeks, realization crossing his face.

'A-Am I, falling for him?'

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