Chapter 7: Death Bed

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"No..." he said hoarsely as the rope ripped further. "No, no no!" Robin started yelling. He tried to swing to the next bar, but before he could let go of the current one he was swinging from, the rope snapped. "NO!" Robin lost his grip and started to fall. Robin screamed and clenched his eyes shut. He felt the air rush past him as he plummeted to the ground below. He hadn't set up any nets. He heard a voice yell out, but his body had gone numb, he couldn't see, he couldn't hear, until he felt himself land in a pair of arms.

".....-bin...-obin...ROBIN!" a voice, familiar to Robin shouted. He opened his eyes but quickly closed them due to the harsh, bright lights on the ceiling above.

"Ugh...wha-..." Robin mumbled sitting up clutching his head.

"Dick, are you ok?! You almost gave me a heart attack!" the person shouted. Robin froze for a moment from being called his real name. He opened his eyes to be met with a pair of bright toxic green eyes.

"D-Danny?" Robin said. Danny sighed in relief.

"Jeez Dick, and you warn me to be-" Danny was cut off by Robin clutching him tightly in a hug. "...careful." Danny said. He hesitantly wrapped his arms around his brother, relaxing into his grip after a few moments. "Mind telling me what happened?" Danny asked after a few moments.

"I-I wanted to try the trapeze, and see if I could get over my fear....since the can see how well that turned out..." Robin said sadly.

"Hey, as long as I'm here, I won't let anything happen to you. Family stick
together right?" Danny said with a small smile. Robin smiled back and nodded his head. He then realized Danny had finally come back, and proceeded to punch him in the shoulder, hard. Danny let out a yelp.

"OW! Hey what was that for?!" he asked annoyed, rubbing his shoulder.

"That, was for being gone for so long! I missed you!" Robin said. Danny rolled his eyes at him and grinned at him playfully.

"I told you time works differently in the Ghost Zone. I was there for two long was I gone for here?" Danny asked standing up.

"About a week. Still, it's been boring without you around." Robin said standing up. He wavered and would have fell if Danny hadn't grabbed him.

"Woah there bro! You took a nasty fall so take it slow." Danny said worried. He slung Robins arm over his shoulder and walked out of the gym, guiding him to the living room. "You stay here while I get you some water." Danny said helping Robin settle into the couch. He floated away to get water for Robin, who was deep in thought. He was thinking about his parents when a yell and a crash was heard from the kitchen.

"Danny?!" Robin shouted. He stood up and ran into the kitchen area and saw his brother on the floor clasping his side. Glass shards were strewn across the floor and water was everywhere.

"D-Dick, s-something's wrong!" Danny said through pants of pain. He let out another agonizing screech of pain. Robin carefully avoided the glass on the ground and picked Danny up who had tears streaming down his face from the immense pain he was experiencing. Robin ran to the medical bay with Danny in his arms, which wasn't hard since the boy was still very much underweight, and placed him in one of the beds. Danny was still crying out in immense pain. Dick lifted the shirt Danny was wearing and saw black veins coming from the right side of his abdomen.

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