Chapter XXX - News

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***** "World leaders from the leading eight factions met today in Geneva to pass the Shielded Earth Accord. This accord, described by USNA president Bernard Trump as 'a tremendous victory for Earth and will bar aliens from entering Earth', will restrict UNSC military ships from entering Earth and areas of space surrounding it. EU President Martin Tusk said that the accord was 'a breakthrough for humanity and a big step towards colonizing other planets'. However, this leads us to the problem that the UNSC controls four planets and a moon in the Solar System. Will the governments on Earth be able to drive UNSC influence out of the Solar System? This is CNN, from Geneva, Switzerland, reporting in."

As the reporter finishes her report, I swiftly turned off the TV and leaned back on my couch.

"This is just not going to pan, is it?" I muttered. "So much for the takeover plan..."

"We've got anti-UNSC sentiments occurring all around the world," Daniel reminded me.

"We might have to reduce production on some ships, multiple bans and boycotts on UNSC items are happening all around the world!" Lindsey groaned.

"We've got multiple reports of rioting and attacks on our factory plants in the US and Britain!" Joseph reported.

"They've killed multiple security personnel and set fire to our factories!" Emilia added.

"We're shutting down our American and European plants," I ordered. "Evacuate or fire our workers and send in ODST teams to retrieve UNSC data."

"What will we do about the plants?" Alex asked.

"Blow them up," I growled. "ODST teams are given clearance to kill civilians if they are obstructing our mission."

"We should abandon our Chinese and Russian plants too. They're reporting multiple riots and reports of workers getting attacked or killed," Emilia suggested.

"Very well, do that as well," I replied.

"I hope this works out," Daniel murmured as people celebrated on the streets of Taipei for the Shielded Earth Accord.

September 25, 2030

***** "Earlier this morning, NASA announced that USNA Virgil, a research ship, has entered orbit around Venus. NASA says that the Virgil, a ship that could carry eighty personnel, is setting up a space station for further 'colonization of Venus'. USNA claims that Venus is now their own sovereign territory and that all non-USNA ships located in orbit or on Venus have a four-day armistice to leave. Failure to comply would result in the declaration of war by USNA to the ship's affiliation. This is CNN from Houston, USA."

September 28, 2030

***** "Breaking news, Hunter 1, a space probe launched by NASA in 2022, has reached Eris, a dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt. Hunter 2, launched in 2023, also reached Ceres. Hunter 3,4, launched with Hunter 2 in 2023, reached their designated targets of Haumea and Makemake. These probes will deploy a group of programmed humanoids and rovers to collect data and set up research stations on the dwarf planets. The probe itself will orbit the planets until the research stations are completed and will leave the Solar System for other planetary systems."

September 29, 2030

***** "The Russian Federation stated that their Verena 20 probe that entered orbit around Pluto was destroyed by unknown objects. However, pictures sent from the drone shows that there are man-made facilities on Pluto."

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