Chapter 29 - The Finale

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***** "As of today, I, commander of the UNSC, will be reinstated as the commander of the Union Fleet. And at this moment, on August 1, 2030, I declare our victory and the end of the Unknown Invasion! With the end of this attack from the Unknown species, I formally declare the disbanding  of the Union Fleet!"

Applause roused throughout the crowd in the council chamber on the UNN Victorious as I finished my speech.

"With Mr. Lee's finished, I would like the EU's president, Mr. Martin Tusk, to talk about a newly proposed accord formulated by the USNA and EU about territory claims," the USNA president, Bernard Trump, stated.

"Thank you, Mr. Trump, for bringing this accord to the table," Mr. Tusk said. "As we the world leaders gather in this chamber today, I would like to thank all the factions for the large amounts of contribution invested into the eviction of the Unknowns. With the end of this war, we, humanity, has taken one step closer towards peace. With heavy contributions from the UNSC organization, most factions have gained or learned the ability of FTL, meaning that the dream of traveling throughout the solar system and beyond with ease has become a reality. However, although the UNSC is technically a part of humanity, it is not an organization that is based on or from Earth. In fact, the UNSC is based on the planet named Reach in the Epsilon Eridani System, located around 12 light years away from Earth. The UNSC is an extremely technologically advanced organization that has colonized multiple systems from Reach and beyond, including the Sol System. It is not clear whether all planets excluding the Earth are colonized by the UNSC. The point of this accord, which will be named the Shielded Earth Arrangement, is to protect the interest of humanity located on Earth. If signed, it would require the UNSC to move 95% of its capital ships and forces out of Earth and a safe zone around Earth. Furthermore, the accord would now separate the Reach-based humans from us. Now, I would like the factions to agree whether this accord should be set in motion."

As the EU leader finished, there was a pause of silence as leaders from the factions were surprised at the proposed accord. Then, the room was sent into a frenzy as leaders consulted with their aides and staff.

"This accord would be passed if all nine factions, excluding the UNSC, approves it," the EU president stated as a vote count appeared on the large screen at the back of the chamber.

"This is outrageous!" I exclaimed, trying to avoid distasteful language along the way. "Just because the UNSC has only colonized a few planets in the Sol System that is suitable for humans doesn't mean we don't want full control of the system. We do have the ability to terraform planets, but we still have our limits. Earth is a gem in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the UNSC hopes to have it as another major hub for its territory."  

"This accord cannot be held account due to the governments on Earth being unable to fend themselves against the UNSC even if they're united. Firstly, the UNSC outclasses Earth as a whole in the number of capital ships. Furthermore, UNSC FTL drives can travel more than 800 light years in a 24-hour span. I would say that the best FTL drives made by Earth can only travel at most 10 light years in a 24-hour span. The UNSC has access to extremely powerful weapons that are beyond thermal ballistic and nuclear weaponry. On the other hand, the governments on Earth still rely on them heavily even in space combat, as we've seen during the start of the Invasion. The UNSC believes that if this accord is passed, then war shall be declared," Joseph added.

"Currently, there is a lack of presence of UNSC ships in the designated area of the accord. Furthermore, this accord is just to demonstrate Earth's presence in space, as Earth and Reach are separate," the EU president argued. "We shall now enter a thirty-minute private discussion period."

Barriers were raised and surrounded the sections where the factions were located at. The barriers are sound and bullet-proof, and aren't see-through, giving each faction the highest sense of security during these discussions.

"This is complete bullshit!" Joseph growled as he slammed at the table located in the center.

"Guys, we have to calm down and think of something to counter them. There is a 100% that this accord's gonna be passed, and I'm afraid that this is only the start, and they're gonna become greedier and ask us to relinquish more areas!" Emilia warned us.

"How many capital ships do we have near Earth?" I asked.

"Less than forty. After the Home Fleet was eradicated, the reinforcements from Luna and Mars also suffered heavy losses trying to regain control in space as the Unknowns sent dozens of capital ships to reinforce the invasion," Lindsey reported.

"Do we have a copy of the accord?" Daniel asked.

"Yup, I can give you a quick rundown," Emilia stated. "The accord states that all UNSC military ships are barred from entering Earth's space unless the factions approve a request from the UNSC. However, cargo ships that supply the UNSC company on Earth may enter but must go through a strict inspection. The UNSC will be allowed to maintain its own peacekeeping force for security and defense. A limited number of corvettes would also be allowed. We can worry about the details later."

"They're probably not gonna let anything related to weapons in, so we might as well start shutting down our weapon plants," Joseph suggested. "Plus, why arm the factions with our own weapons that are against us?"

"Sounds good," Lindsey said. "I think we should do that after this accord is passed to see the aftermath."

"What should we do?" Max asked.

"I think we should let them pass the accord. We should focus on rebuilding our Luna and Mars fleets since they've suffered heavy losses from the Unknowns. Also, I think we should also focus on trying to colonize the remaining planets so that we could ensure Earth wouldn't be able to expand in the solar system. If all of this goes according to plan, then we should remain as the Solar System's dominant force," I suggested.

"We should try to maintain diplomatic peace with Earth right now," Joseph added. "The last thing we probably need right now is another full-scale war. We are already numerically outnumbered in the number of capital ships. If we declare war right now, then the chances are, Luna and Mars will fall one after another."

"Yeah," Lindsey agreed. "Plus, I doubt anyone here wants to fight another bloody war..."

"I agree, we shouldn't wage another war when we have our own problems to worry about. However, I think colonizing the remaining planets would be a struggle due to the limited resources we have in the system currently. We could still reinforce our control on Jupiter and Saturn," Alice added.

"How many ships did our Luna and Mars fleets lose?" I asked.

"Both fleets sustained heavy losses ranging from 80% to 86%. I would say we would struggle to maintain order in the solar system if any insurgency or war happens," Lindsey reported. "Mars is our stronghold in the Solar System and our current main hub for the system With many major corporations having factories built on it, it will be devastation for the UNSC to lose it. Furthermore, it is the only place we could rebuild our ships at a steady and fast pace. Moon is struggling with some insurgency and is working in overdrive to maintain a steady production."

"If a war started, insurgency numbers would probably rise on Luna," Alice analyzed. "How about the Galilean Moons and Titan?"

"You know that insurgency is common there," Lindsey groaned. "I think they are unsatisfied with working conditions on the planets since we haven't got the terraforming process finished yet."

"Might have to pay a visit to quell the chances of rebellion," I said.

"Probably do that during the winter," Alice suggested. "Also, you should take a few of us with you for some show of power."

"True..." I muttered.

"Well, let's focus on what's on our hands right now," Joseph said, dragging us back to our main problem.

"I guess we'll just let them pass the accord," I said with an annoyed sigh. "Let's just hope that this pans out like what we've wanted."

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