Chapter 23 - Operation Hermes' Winged Sandals

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***** "This is Shadow 1, they're moving, begin Operation Hermes' Winged Sandals."

"We've got the call, let's get those boys and girls out there."

"We've got two pelicans and four hornets ready to go."

"I'm going to lead this operation."

"No, not a chance, we're going."

"You kids? You gotta be joking."

"Trust us, we're better suited for this job."

"Plus, all we need is to provide some cover fire and grab those three."


"All of you, we've got three minutes before the squadron takes off, let's get moving!"

"I guess they're in charge now..."


"Who do they think they are?"

"Hush, you know who they are."

"Yeah, those guys can instantly kill you or make you disappear into thin air."

"Damn they're scary."

"Move, move, move!"

"This is Alpha-209, our callsign will be Zeus. The targets' callsigns lightning bolts, we're ready to take off."

"Alpha-211's callsign is Hera, and the Hornets will have a callsign of Bravo."

"Roger that, Alpha-209, this is Command, you and your squadron are clear for takeoff."

"Let's bring them home!"

"Good luck, sir."

"Engines are hot, we're en route to the pickup zone. ETA in 12 minutes."

"Damn, I'm really nervous."

"Can't wait to see them."

"Can you imagine their reactions?"

"I know right!"

"You kids seem to be in a good mood."

"Of course, we're gonna get back Alpha Squad's remaining three members!"

"Let's hope that this operation goes smoothly."

"How close are we from the pickup zone?"

"ETA in three minutes, entering the clouds. Watch out, the ride's gonna a bit bumpy."



"Are we there yet?"

"ETA in 90 seconds, breaking cover from the clouds now."

"This is Alpha-209 to Command, I can see the lightning bolts!"

"What is the situation?"

"They've got quite a lot of pests on their tails!"

"Have the Hornets provide air cover."

"This is Command. Alpha-211 , go ahead and lay a smoke screen."

"Roger that. Activating smoke screen generator."

"Don't fire at the students, we're trying to save them, not kill them."

"Should we fire impact rounds?"

"Affirmative. Do not use live rounds, I repeat, do not use live rounds against the students."

"Roger that, switching to impact rounds."

"This is Bravo-105, Unknown Anti-aircraft guns are pounding us!"

"This is Bravo-108, I'm going in for a strafing round."

"Roger, use high-explosive missiles."

"Activating Hydra missiles."

"This is Bravo-107, I've been hit, I repeat, I've been hit."

"This is Command, I need a SITREP."

"Bravo-107's left engine is heavily damaged, but he should still be able to fly for another half an hour."

"You make it sound so easy..."

"Incoming missiles!"

"Are you kidding me."

"Evasive maneuvers, evasive maneuvers!"

"I'm hit! This is Bravo-107, I lost both my engines, I repeat, I lost both-"

"Shit, we lost Bravo-107! Zeus, you need to go in now!"

" Roger, this is Alpha-209, we're swooping in, cover us!"

"Roger that, firing missiles and main cannon."

"Opening hangar bay."

"Watch out for enemy-fire!"

"I can't see them!"

"They're right there, grab them!"


"Grab them ASAP!"

"What the hell?"

"Don't resist!"

"What's happening?"

"Hey, long time no see."

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