Chapter 22 - Sorry for the Intrusion~

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***** The next thing I knew when I opened my eyes, we were lying on a floor, screaming and huddling together.

"Guys, we're alive," I whispered as we loosened our grips on each other.

"Thank god..." Joseph groaned as he laid on the ground, exhausted.

"Where are we?" Emilia asked.

"We're probably back in one of the dorm rooms," Joseph suggested.

"So, what's our next step now?" I asked as I stood up and peeked through the window. "There seem to be guards outside that are patrolling around."

"Let's see which room we're in first," Emilia suggested as she popped out of the room. "We're in a guy's room."

"There should be a name or a tag on it, what is it?" Joseph asked.

"Erm, I think it's 302," she replied.

"Which dorm are we in though?" Joseph pondered.

"I took a quick look at the outside, I think we're next to Harbinger Dorm," I stated.

"So, it's Fletcher huh?" Joseph asked.

"Who lives in Fletcher?" Emilia asked.

"If I remember the chart, I think it's for the lower ranked or Construction people mostly," I replied. "Not that I really pay attention to that."

"Do you know anyone that lives here?" Emilia asked.

"I probably do but I don't remember," I sighed. Suddenly, we heard voices and footsteps coming towards the room.

"Shit, hide!" I exclaimed. Joseph dashed into one of the closest while Emilia ducked under the bed. I looked around for somewhere to hide, but since most rooms in Fletcher Dorms aren't as good as Alpha Dorm, there wasn't a private bathroom.

"Let's just hope they don't slam open the door..." I muttered. The three of us, hidden, took out our weapons and waited. The door creaked and slowly opened.

"Tough day, huh?" a voice asked.

"I know right, there's so much stuff that needs repairs," another whined.

"At least we're back," someone else objected.

"To be honest, I would rather sleep in the common room than here..." the first person who spoke stated as he sighed.

"Don't you think something's off?" someone asked.

"What?" another replied.

"There's a weird smell."

"What smell?"

"A girl's smell?"

"Ew..." Emilia whispered, giving me a disgusted look from under the bed.

"Well..." I whispered, giving her an apologetic glance.

"What the hell man, you're probably fantasizing due to fatigue. Today was pretty tiring."

As the three entered the room, I quickly slammed the door shut and pointed my gun at the three.

"What the hell?" one of them exclaimed as Joseph and Emilia sprang out of their hiding place and pointed their guns at the three construction workers.

"If you don't mind, not that you have a choice anyway," Joseph growled.

"We're gonna have a quick chat," I added as a grin appeared on my face.

***** "So, should we first start with names?" I asked.

"You probably know who we are, so wanna introduce yourselves?" Joseph asked as Emilia handcuffed the three students on the sides of their beds.

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