Chapter 21 - The Truth

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***** The Japanese supervisor left a satisfied grin on his face as we exited the building. The two supervisors led to the parking lot, where a convoy of armored cars was expecting our arrival. We were put into two different cars while the three supervisors entered another one. I insisted on being in a different car than Karen and David. I just didn't have the guts to face them yet. I was able to get us another car so that I can only sit with Emilia and Joseph, despite Suzuki's protests. The trip to the palace wasn't long, as all the roads were sealed off by the police.

"They're taking this really seriously, aren't they?" I muttered.

"Well, they don't want the Unknowns to ambush us and take us away," Joseph grunted. "If you remember, that's how we lost Lindsey and Atlas."

"True..." I mumbled. After a moment of awkward silence, Joseph finally spoke up.

"Luca... Did you actually had an affair with Lindsey?"

"Hmm?" I grunted. "Yeah, I did."

"Why did you do that?" Emilia questioned. "No, how could you have done that? How could you attempt to break up those two ?"

"It's a long story," I answered. "I'm not saying that I'm innocent, but what can I say, I guess she just liked me better? "

"What do you mean?" Emilia exclaimed. "There are no excuses for trying to steal someone's girlfriend, especially if that person was your friend! That's just horrible!"

"If that's your opinion," I answered with a shrug.

"What do you mean?" Emilia challenged. "Are you saying that you were correct?"

"I'm not saying that, but I would say it was Lindsey's choice," I answered calmly.

"What? That's not the point here!" Emilia shouted.

"I mean, what's the problem then? Atlas was being a manipulative psycho and Lindsey chose me over him, what was I supposed to do? Tell her to fuck off back?"

Emilia stared at me, seemingly still unconvinced by my explanation. However, Joseph jumped in and defended my position.

"I kinda have to agree with Luca on this. Atlas had been quite irrational for the past few months. Any contact or jokes on Lindsey would cause him to blow up, thinking that you are threatening their relationship."

For a few moments, Emilia stared at me, deep in thought. Her emotions were written on her face, she was just completely dumbfounded by the situation.

"Well, can you now understand why I did what I did?" I asked slowly.

"Yes, I guess I can sort of understand," Emilia mumbled. "I apologize for assuming things before I completely understood them. I shouldn't have done that."

"It's fine," I replied as a smile appeared on my face.

 After a while, the convoy arrived at the governmental section of the city. The sector had all the government buildings and was a private sector itself. It was surrounded by a wall and had security forces patrolling and guards that checked for clearance at the gates. The convoy stopped at one of the checkpoints as the guards scanned the cars for clearance papers and any dangerous objects such as bombs.

"You're all clear," the captain of the checkpoint security team said to our driver, and our car rolled into the government section. The convoy drove slowly until we arrived at the palace, took a sharp left, and headed for the underground parking lot.

"We're here," the driver reported as the car halted to a stop. We quickly stepped off the car and waited for the soldiers to direct us around, who led us towards a group of security guards with metal detectors waiting for us.

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