Chapter 17 - Surprise Attack

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***** "Bloody hell, what the hell was I reading?" I muttered to myself. "Better contact Lindsey..."

"The phone number you dialed is not available..."

"Seriously..." I muttered to myself as I hung up my phone in disappointment.

"Luca, are you in here?" a voice asked from outside my room. I quickly hid away my data-pad and slid into my bed.

"I'm coming in!" Daniel said as she slowly opened the door.

"Ah, he's in here!" Joseph exclaimed.

"Luca, are you awake?" Alex asked.

"Huh, what?" I said in a fake sleepy voice.

"You didn't come back to dinner, so we were worried," Daniel said.

"Ah sorry, my stomach didn't feel great, so I just came and went to bed," I mumbled.

"Geez, don't make us worry..." Joseph scolded.

"Shut up, I'm just not feeling well," I grumbled.

"Anyways, as long you're alive," Daniel chuckled and add, "we're going probably go around town, are you good enough to join us?"

"Yeah, just let me get ready."

"We'll wait outside."

As the door closed, I let out a sigh of relief and locked my data-pad and hid it in the safe. A few minutes later, I appeared out of my room and said, "Let's get going."

"Some of them left right after dinner," Daniel stated as we walked out of the hotel's front door. Just as we left, I saw a group of men in chatting in the hotel's parking lot. Although it seemed normal, I saw a reflective gleam from his ear.

"Comms earpiece?" I murmured.

"Did you say something?" Joseph asked.

"Nothing, just something peculiar," I replied.

"Should we go to the night market?" Daniel asked.

"Obviously, where else do you want to go?" Alex shot back.

"Well, a bar would be nice..." I muttered.

"Luca, you shouldn't drink," Joseph stated.

"Urgh," I growled as I put on my earphones. "It's not like I drink every day..."

"Ehh, old man ain't in his mood," Alex teased.

"Yeah whatever," I muttered as I turned to voice control. "Switch to interception."

"Roger that, intercepting all radio communications in this area," the built-in AI of the device replied.

"This is Alpha, they've left the hotel. Bravo and Delta team, follow them till rendezvous point Zulu and snatch them up ASAP."

"Affirmative, which strategy are we going on?"

"Go to STRAT-5, STRAT-5."

"Guys, I've got a weird feeling," I said as I looked around.

"What are you saying?" Daniel asked.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"They should be waiting for us just up ahead," Alex replied.

"Look! They're there," Daniel exclaimed as he waved at the others.

"Doesn't this place look a bit out of place?" I questioned.

"It's fine, the night market should be just ahead," he replied.

"Plus, this is sorta the countryside, so of course it looks a bit wild compared to the city," Joseph added.

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