Chapter 16 - Secret Files Type 1 (Part 2)

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Secret Files Type 1

Data l Part 2 Continued

Log on UNSC Independence and UNSC Truth of Reconciliation

Note: Mission Log Acquired from the UNSC Database

*note: 15:19/6/17/2013 data log was turned on manually by AI Roma, recording continued

"Is the battlecruiser docking yet?" -Lucania Lee

"Sir, UNSC Truth and Reconciliation is currently in docking procedures, UNSC Harbinger of Death is keeping the Unknown command ship occupied!" -Colonel Harper (Commander of the 4th Marine Corps' 15th Division's 3rd Brigade)

"We're gonna have to hold on for a little longer!" -Daniel Chen

"We're taking heavy casualties!" -Marine

"Their lasers are way more advanced than our weapons!" -Marine

"I thought they only use close-quarters weapons?" -Lucania Lee

"No shit sir, their lasers can easily vaporize most of our armor!" -Marine

"Sir, I've got some news!" -Marine Captain

"Tell me it's something good." -Lucania Lee

"The pods containing Alpha Squad has been secured by a rescue and recovery team!" -Marine Captain

"Hell yeah! Does anyone know if the Truth and Reconciliation has docked with us yet?" -Daniel Chen

"It's positioning, the docking gates should be connected soon." -Officer Zao

"We've got a problem though; the docking gates are still severely damaged and have multiple breaches. Even if we successfully connect to the Truth and Reconciliation, there won't be any oxygen there." -Officer Owens

"We've got armor which holds oxygen, but the maintenance crew and most ship operators don't have them." -Colonel Harper

"Shit, how many people are even here?" -Lucania Lee

"Only a little portion, most are either killed-in-action due to breaches or still fighting the Unknowns at other compartments of the ship." -Officer Owens

"Let's just hope that this gate isn't damaged so badly..." -Lucania Lee

"Sir, the Truth and Reconciliation has successfully docked and connected with the Independence!" -Marine COMs officer

"Open it up." -Lucania Lee

*note: the docking doors opened, and a connecting bridge led the way to the battlecruiser

"This is the Captain of the Truth and Reconciliation; we will begin the rescue operation now." -Captain Jenkins (Captain of the battlecruiser Truth and Reconciliation)

"We can still breathe, right?" -Officer

"The dock isn't broken!" -Officer Owens

"Bring the wounded onto that ship now!" -Lucania Lee

*note: Lucania and Daniel moved to the frontline, where the marines and others were holding off the Unknown forces

"Sir, all wounded and non-combat personnel have boarded the battlecruiser, we should go now!" -Colonel Harper

"All marines, let's get the hell out of here!" -Lucania Lee

"Let's go go go!" -Marine Captain

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