Chapter 15 - Secret Files Type 1 (Part 1)

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Secret Files Type 1

Data 1 Part 1

Log on Sword Base and UNSC Independence

Note: Mission Log Acquired from the UNSC Database

"What the heck is that?" – Lucania Lee

"Sir, we've got multiple signatures popping out of space near Earth!" – Officer Jenkins

"Friendly?" - Lucania Lee

"Negative sir. We're detecting unknown signatures from them. All attempts to make communication has failed." -Officer Jenkins

"How did they bypass our Solar defenses?" – Joseph Cheng

"I don't know, what I know is that they have completely bypassed our Mars and Moon fleet without getting detected!" – Officer Woods

"Scramble our capital ships!" -Daniel Chen

"Sword Base is currently under code red lockdown, all capital ships are currently ready for takeoff!" -Officer Park

"What is our fleet status?" -Lucania Lee

"We don't maintain a fleet as large as the Mars or Moon Fleet, but we still have a few flagships and battlegroups. Orbital Defense Platforms are up and running, we are currently pumping in shots at the enemy targets." -Officer Jenkins

"Sir! ODP Alpha, Bravo, Charlie are knocked out!" -Officer Zao

"How many enemy signatures are there?" -Alice Kuo

"More than 800+, there are three major signatures that are just coming out of slipspace!" -Officer Fubuki

"Focus ODP Mac-rounds on the smaller targets, we're getting on the flagship!" -Lucania Lee

"Are you going to board the UNSC Bunker Hill or the UNSC Independence?" -Fleet Admiral Hipper

"You go command the Bunker Hill with six of my guys, I'll take the Independence." -Lucania Lee

"Battlegroups Sword, Brave, Berlin, Bunker, and Shield are up with the ODPs. You will be in Battlegroup Fortress, and UNSC Hornet will be joining it." -Officer Zao

"Three supercarriers huh?" – Lindsey Chen

I stopped just as the written log enters the break.

"What the hell is the UNSC?" I muttered to myself, cracked open a coke, and kept on reading.

***** "Sir! The Scharnhorst is going down!" -Officer Owens

"Isn't that the flagship of Bunker?" – Daniel Chen

"Cover it!" -Atlas Hsu

"It's not gonna last! Shields are going down, MACs are down, we've got multiple levels breached and hull damage!" -Admiral Higgins (Captain of UNSC Scharnhorst)

"God damn it! Abandon ship!" -Admiral Watson (Captain of UNSC Spirit, co-flagship of Battlegroup Bunker)

"We're not gonna make it in time! Mayday, may..." -Admiral Higgins (Statics on COMs)

"Shit, they're gone." -Joseph Cheng

"Battlegroup Sword and Shield are taking a huge beating!" -Officer Zao

"How many ODPs are left?" – Alice Kuo

"We've only got twelve of the original forty in action!" -Officer Jess

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