Chapter 14 - The Beach!

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***** "The train has arrived at the final stop, Paradise Park Station. Please check to see if you have brought all your belongings with you. We wish you a great trip and hope to ride with you again." the voice blasted through the speakers as our train started to slow down as it enters the powerhouse and capital of the south.

"Wow, they've developed a lot more than I've expected," Joseph exclaimed.

"Look at that infrastructure, their advancement could rival the Capital!" Max added.

"Let's get ready to get off. Joseph, we'll go exchange our currency into their," I said as I grabbed my bag and suitcase.

"What currency do they use?" Daniel asked.

"They use coin while we use credit, so we'll have to exchange," I explained.

"The Central States also uses different currencies, and other states in East Asia also trades with us, so the currency thing is kept alive," Max explained in detail.

"Still can't believe how much the world has changed," Alex murmured. As we stepped off the train, we were greeted by a very technological impression of the station. Tech Edge City, the Capital of the Southern States, is the most technologically advanced and a production powerhouse in the three states. Ever since the Taoyuan Disaster, Tech Edge's airport and seaport became the main trading post with foreign states, with the Capital's struggling to keep up. While the North excels with magic and banking, the Central States with agriculture and building, the South outshines others with their superior technological advancement and trading.

"Should we head for the hotel first?" Emilia asked.

"The beach, I want to go to the beach!" Daniel squealed.

"I think there's a beach behind the hotel. We can drop our luggage off in our room first and then go play," Joseph suggested.

"Good idea, it's not even noon now, so how about we grab lunch at the beach?" I suggested.

"Beach, I'm coming!" Ruri exclaimed.

***** "It's the beach!" Daniel screamed as he rushed towards the beach. "I've never seen such an amazing sight!"

"Wait up!" Alex yelled as he ran after him, leaving behind our mats and beach equipment.

"You guys!" Alice scolded.

"But it's true, I've never seen a northern beach that could rival this scenery," I murmured.

"This is a good spot," Joseph ordered as he dropped his gear.

"Let's go play!" Ruri exclaimed.

"Help set up!" Joseph pleaded.

"See ya later!" Ruri squealed as she and a few others ran towards Daniel's position.

"Uh," Joseph groaned as he slowly sets up the umbrellas.

"I'll help with the mats," I assured him.

"I'll help too," Andre added as he readied the other umbrellas.

"Emilia, can you go get some shaved ice?" I asked.

"Of course," she answered.

"Wait for me!" Alice squeaked. "I'll help you."

"We should have enough drinks in the coolers," I murmured.

"Come on guys, the water is so cool!" Daniel shouted as Alex pounced onto him, crashing themselves into the water.

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