Chapter 13 - You Owed Me

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***** "Luca, are you ready to go?" Daniel asked as he popped his head into the bathroom.

"Just a sec," I gurgled, trying to finish brushing my teeth while washing my face.

"Let's go! We're meeting the guys in our dorm downstairs," Daniel said as he opened the door.

"Wait for me!" I whined as I followed him with my luggage towards the elevator.

"You guys are late..." Max sighed as we exited the elevator.

"Are we the last one?" Daniel asked.

"No, but you're still late," Max growled. Just a few seconds later, Alex and Andre rushed down the stairs towards the common room.

"Well, I guess we're all here," Joseph sighed as we head for the station.

"I hope she'll get their research done," I muttered, looking up at the bright sun.

"What did you say?" Daniel asked in curiosity.

"Nothing," I replied. When we got to the station, we saw the girls already waiting for us.

"You guys are late," Ruri whined.

"Not my fault," Joseph replied and pointed at me.

"What the hell, it's them," I exclaimed and pointed at Andre and Alex.

"Guys aren't supposed to have girls waiting," Alice complained.

"Yeah whatever, we're still early for the train, right?" I asked.

"By the way where in the world are we going?" Ruri asked.

"You're asking this late? But that true enough, Emilia never told us where we're going," Joseph said with a sigh

"Oops, my error. We're going to Paradise Park," Emilia replied.

"What, that's in the south!" I exclaimed.

"Well, there are still people, and we've got connections there," Emilia explained.

"I don't really want to go to the south......" I muttered.

"It's ok, you'll actually be surprised by their prosperity down there!" Daniel assured me. I sighed as the others entered the Capital School Station.

"Luca!" a voice shouted, causing me to turn around.

"Lindsey?" I exclaimed.

"Geez, I thought I was gonna miss all of you," she whined.

"Well, the rest of them are already in the station," I said with an apologetic look. "They wanted to leave early."

"Come on!" she wailed. After a big sigh, she added, "At least I've got to see you."

"Thanks," I murmured.

"Anything to add?" she asked.

"My passes last through the whole summer, so try to dig as much as you can out first and then examine them," I told her. "Well, we're only going for five days, so there shouldn't be any problems. If anything happens, then call me immediately."

"Got it, we'll do our best," Lindsey replied.

"I got a bad feeling that something's wrong," I muttered. "If their scientists got killed and they found their bodies without their data-pads, they should know that someone stole their information. They should know it was me but they still let me acquire the passes. You guys must be careful. Try to stick together or have your boyfriend guarding you twenty-four-seven. Since it's the summer, the school allows students to be at opposite-sex dorms if they acquire a slip."

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