Chapter 12 - Swimsuits

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***** "We haven't left the city for quite a while, haven't we?" Daniel asked exited the Capital Mall Station.

"It's so hot," I whined as I fanned my uniform.

"Why do we have even uniforms..." Max asked.

"Screw the Administration. I remember them saying it'll make us look more professional. Are we soldiers now?" Lindsey said angrily.

"Hello, Capital. I'm back!" Ruri squealed excitedly as we headed for the mall, a large building complex located at the heart of the city.

"Where should we eat?" I asked.

"It's a bit late for lunch now, don't you think?" Joseph said as he showed me the time, 4:30 p.m.

"That fight did actually take a while huh?" I sighed.

"Let's get swimsuits and get dinner here," Alice suggested.

"Does anyone know any good restaurants here?" I asked.

"I think I've got a good one, and I've reserved spots for us already," Emilia said.

"Nice!" Daniel praised.

"Swimsuits, huh?" Joseph said to himself.

"What you going to buy?" I asked.

"I dunno, how about you?" he replied.

"Luca, I've heard they've got a new type of underwater armor suit!" Max interrupted the two of us.

"Really! Sounds interesting!" I squeaked, completely forgetting about my swimsuit.

"Really... Why do you get so excited about it?" Ruri asked.

"It's the same as like an upgrade on your gun or a new type of armor," I replied. "Wait, what's the cost for that Max?"

"Erm, it's pretty expensive..."

"How much?"

"Eight hundred fifty thousand capital credits."

"That much!" Ruri exclaimed.

"What upgrades?" I asked.

"Extra mana storage, propulsion upgrade, a new type of reloading system, faster activation speeds," Max replied.

"Sometimes I just don't understand why it's easier to obtain upgrades from outside than from the school..." I sighed.

"They just want us to spend money on it," Daniel stated. "Some of that money gets funded back to the school."

"Our school is basically like a learn and earn school..." Max said.

"You mean a mercenary training school but functions like an army," Joseph corrected him.

"Anyways, let's split up to buy our things," Lindsey interrupted.

"I hope I'll be able to look for swimsuits in another section this year..." Alice muttered.

"You mean you hope your boobs got bigger?" Andre teased.

"Shut up," Alice grumbled as she lightly punched Andre on the shoulder.

"I hope there'll be sizes for me," Ruri sighed.

"I think you should keep that complaint to yourself..." Joseph grumbled. As we entered the mall, waves of other ordinary citizens and students greeted us.

"Hey, it's the Alpha Squad!" someone shouted. Many people stopped what they were doing and stared at us; some started to take pictures of us or came closer to greet us. I just dodged most of them since they were either charging for the girls, Daniel, and Andre.

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