Chapter 11 - They're So Annoying

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***** "Good job guys," Supervisor Hulkenburg praised, "I hope..."

"Hey, wanna go to the beach?" I interrupted as I sipped on my coke.

"I'm in, anyone else?" Daniel replied.

"We're all free," Atlas stated.

"Actually... I've got some work to do..." Lindsey sighed and pointed at me.

"Ehh, Luca, what did you ask her to do?" Atlas asked.

"Some research for future plans," I replied.

"Hey, don't ignore me!" The supervisor yelled.

"Oh, I totally forgot about your existence," I jabbed.

"As a student leader, you have much to do during your break," Supervisor Suzuki growled. "The president has ordered an audience from you at the presidential palace."

"Beach, work? Beach, work? What should I choose?" I said in a mocking voice. "By the way, the president lives in a palace? Doesn't he just sound like a king or a dictator."

"You kids......" Supervisor Suzuki growled.

"I am totally going to work during my vacation," I sneered sarcastically. "Tell the president this, I'll deal with the Unknowns, but I get to do whatever I want with my troops. Also, if he wants to punish me, tell him I'll quit."

I left the supervisors who were still trying to find words and added, "Oh, and I want a pay raise."

"Bye, see ya guys in a long, long time," Daniel added as the others followed me.

"So, do we actually have a group trip to a beach?" Alex asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "Unfortunately, Lindsey is staying here."

"Then I'm staying too!" Atlas volunteered, unwilling to leave his girlfriend behind.

"That sounds fine to me," Alex grunted.

"By the way, does everyone have their swimsuits?" I asked.

"Now you've said it, I've been thinking of buying one soon," Emilia stated.

"So shopping tomorrow?" Daniel asked.

"How about right now? We'll get lunch first and then the swimsuits," I suggested.

"Which shopping mall though? The one that we can directly get to by the MRT?" Max asked.

"Yeah, it's the closest one we've got and we're longtime customers. Plus, it's got student discounts for their products!" I replied as I headed for the school's private MRT line.

"He's in a really good mood isn't he?" Daniel whispered in Joseph's ears.

"Well, we are done with school, which was pretty tough on him as a commander," Joseph murmured. As we got closer to the station, we started to fall into line with other students from the school. Since it's summer vacation, students, which all live permanently in the dorms, are heading into town for some fun.

"Oh my god, there's so many people!" Alice whined. We tried to stay as a group as the crowd tried to squeeze through the entrances.

"Wait a sec, remember those perks that the Administration gave us?" I asked.

"We've got a private entrance?" Daniel guessed.

"Something like that," I replied as I lead the group out of the bustling crowd and onto the side. Once we've got a clear view of the entrances to the station, we saw another entrance that only the faculty members were using. As I approached it, a security guard on duty blocked my way.

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