(^picture of all the girls^)

I woke up from my alarm clock going off. I slammed it to turn off and got up.

Me: Ugh they should really make a law where it's like hald a day of school on Fridays!........Now that I think about it.......it should just be a three day weekend! *getting dressed and calls Jamie (bestfriend) *puts it on speaker*

:::Phone Convo:::

Jamie: Hello?

Jasmine: Hey y'all almost here?!? Y'all know we gotta be there in 20 Minutes!

Jamie: Yeah girl. Calm yo tits we almost there

Jasmine: *chuckles* iight see y'all in a bit

Jamie: iight mwah bye!

Jasmine: *giggles* bye boo

:::End of Convo:::

Me: *goes downstairs and eats some frosted flakes*

**5 Minutes Later**

(There is a knock on the door)

Me: Ugh finally they here with they slow asses! *gets her backpack and answers the door*

Alex: aye we heard that!

Me: I know. It was meant for you to hear it *smiles*

All: *start walking to school*

Alex: smh girl you better watch yoself *laughs*

Me: *giggles* yeeahh.....y'all love me though *hugs them*

All/ me: *looks at eachother* yeah sure we do

Me: haha oh come on. It's impossible not to love me. I mean you guys would probably die without me

Kyla and Jamie: well.....yeah that is true

Alex: The girl got a point *eating a donut*

Me: *looks at her* wait a minute! You got a donut and you didn't tell me!?!

Alex: Giiiiiirrrlll.......don't be yellin at me!

Me: *starts cracking up* well next time get me a donut and we won't have a problem with yo ghetto ass. kay-kay

Alex: haha maybe

Me: okay come on guys! We gotta get to school

Kyla: girl why you so anxious bout gettin to school?

Me: I just don't want to get another tardy mann! I'm tired of detention and most of the times it's not even my fault. If it was my choice, I would ditch school everyday

Jamie: Hmmm yeah truee.

Alex: well why don't we just skip today? I mean it is Friday

Me: Uh Heelllooo!! Were you not listening or were you to focused on yo damn donut?!?! I don't want another tardy

Alex: iight damn sorry my bad bruh

Me: mhm you better be

*We Get To School*

Kyla: *iight what was first period again?

Me: *laughing* you have been goin to this school for over a year now and you seriously don't remember first period?

Kyla: well I always sleep in first period--gco

Me: *under breath but loud enough where Kyla can hear it* and get called to the principal's office almost everytime

Kyla: *glares at her* anyways.....I'm always so tired in the freakin morning man!

All/ Kyla: we know!

Me: *exhales deeply* first period is history hun

Kyla: Ohhh no wonder I always fall asleep. It's so boring! *smiles*

Me: I can't lie to you there

Jamie: iight iight come on let's go! Damn stop being lazy!

All: *laughing*

**In History Class**

Ugghhh just who I want to see in my life......Princeton......the one who wants to make my life a living hell! I sat down next to Kyla and Jamie and I felt spit balls on my neck and in my hair. Grr I knew it was Princeton with his stupid ass self! After about the 20th spit ball he shot at me, I turned around to him and yelled...

Me: quit it you shitty ass nerdy mexican fuckboy!!!

Teacher: *gasps*

Class: *laughing their asses off*

Girl: aye preach it sista!

Me: *alittle embarrassed because I knew I was going to get in trouble but didn't show it on face*

Ray Ray: *says in between laughs* aye Prince you just got dissed like shi-i-i-it!

Mrs. Scott (the teacher): Miss Sanders....can you please keep your voice and comments to yourself while I'm trying to teach!

Me: why don't you tell the douche bag that started it to cut it out!?! *points to Princeton* he was throwing apit balls at m-gco

MS: that's enough Jasmine!

Me: *sighs while sinking down in the chair mortified*

MS: *goes back to her boring lecture*

I could feel some of the kids still staring at me, and i knew Princeton and those idiots he calls "friends" had a big ass ugly smirk on their faces. Oooo I hate that boy so much!! I don't understand why he wants to ruin my life so muh! I try to ignore him but it just makes things worse cause he'll end up hitting or harrasig me. This boy needs to be handled

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