Human... Or Not

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Heart pounding, body trembling, slowly walking up not knowing was what in for  me next. All that lay ahead ahead of me was a man, a mysterious one, dressed in a black robe. His lips were pursed and his hands tightly pressed together giving me a blank stare; his eyes fire red. Hearing Kevin’s voice ahead of me. “Jordan, stop”! Without much thinking I gave a deep dark howl and charged after the man. An inch away; now seeing my brother’s figure in the distance. I ran on and on until it became clear that i had made the biggest mistake ever in my immortal life.

Chapter one:

Waking up from the ground i could feel my arms and legs acing with pain. Waking up to see Kevin gone again panicked me. I looked around for hours, knowing there was really no chance of finding him, since i was in the middle of nowhere. I really was not surprised: for lately my life has been a living hell. I mean my dad was dead or wandering lost somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, my mom was stranded somewhere and i keep seeing her in my “imagination” and I stopped believing myself. Now my brother was gone, almost like a part of me was lost on the inside. With each step I took, felt sort of unusual. 

Right then and there, I heard the sound of a creature running. But when it became silent, everything else went silent too. I turned around to see a brown and white messy dog sniffing the ground at least twelve feet away from me. He stopped in his tracks and stared me dead in the eye, waiting for any sudden movement. I would not dare take one footstep, for it would probably scare the dog off. Suddenly I could feel myself, trembling with anger. Next thing I new I had the urge to run after the dog. As I ran, I could feel my jaw opening wide ready to bite down on that dog. Believe me, I did. I could hear the dog howl with pain.

For the second time that day, I woke up from the ground feeling sore again. What had happened before? “ How could I have done that to a helpless dog” I screamed. I just wanted to punch myself in the face. There was a part of my body controlling me to become this way, and I did not like it one bit! “I’m a monster” I screamed out loud.

All that was given as a reply was the wind blowing and a bird chirping. Soon enough it was getting late and I was starving. While I was walking around, I found a fishing rod near a small lake nearby. I caught a nice sized fish, started a fire with firewood and a box of matches.  It tasted quite revolting, but I just had to deal till tomorrow.

That night, the wind was howling and I was ready to blow my mind. I was all alone now, with no one to turn to for help. Just then, I felt a small cold drop on my forehead. “Oh God”, I thought. Like all i needed was for it to snow tonight. I had quite a journey ahead of me know. The nearby lamp post started to flicker and dim, when I saw my mother’s, now frail, shadowy appearance. I called out, “Mom, I ....” , I soon stopped in my tracks knowing what would happen. Soon enough, she would just fade away and be gone. Like the rest of my life. I went from my whole family to just myself.  Maybe my family didn’t go missing, maybe I was the reason that they were gone. Just thinking of that made my head to have severe aches and my heart to nearly stop beating. My dreams had never helped me, they only brought my life closer and closer each day to be known as a living hell. The rest of my family could be dead right now, and I have a part of my body controlling my every move. Now, if you find anything good about that, your insane! 

But the shadow wasn’t going away, it had been a good two minutes now, but her face could be seen. I was just one super dark shadow. I hadn’t seen one ray of sun, in only god knows how many months! I took one step forward, and the figure just stood there. Then as I took one more step, the figure knocked down onto the ground, and i could hear howls of pain. Then I started running, I didn’t mean to, but my body was being controlled by the “demon” inside of me again and i couldn’t make it stop, no matter how hard I tried. I knew I was gonna regret this, and I knew that this would just make my life even more miserable. My heart started pounding, and I opened my mouth, and bit down. The last three words I heard were, “No, Jordan don’t!”

Next thing I knew, it was all over. I was super close now and it was my mom alright. She looked ghost-like. her skin was pale white and she did not move an inch at first. Then when I looked again, there was blood all over her body. She was all shriveled and cut up, and it was all my doing. She started choking up blood and gave me the coldest stare possible, the kind of stare that told me that she thought I was her son. I was her son. Now, it didn’t matter anymore, I’m not the same Jordan I used to be. I looked at my mom, and this was my reply, you never bothered to come back and help me out why should I help you?” 

She began to cry, but her teardrops were blood red, and she was choking over her own breath. I couldn’t believe what I had just said. It must have broken her heart. But after all the torture she put me through she deserved it.

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