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011. ❛ looks and locks.

FOLLOWING THE POOL PARTY WAS THE WEEKEND, WHICH MEANT THAT SHE AND HER MOTHER WOULD HAVE DINNER WITH HER GRANDMOTHER. They didn't go to her grandmother's often anymore war due to fact that they had severed ties with each other after Walter went to jail. It was just the nagging of her grandmother saying that she was right about how Walter was a terrible husband and how he didn't care for his family because of his actions. The screaming matches that would ensue between her mother and grandmother on the phone, weren't her favorites and she didn't want to pretend that everything was alright when it wasn't.

In those phone calls, Lydia and Felicia's grandmother seemed to work out their differences in the sake of family. Both Hardy's realized that her grandmother was the only real close family members that they had left, and wolves in a pack needed to protect each other. Resulting in tonight's dinner meeting at her grandmother's.

Felicia's grandmother, Jessica, was loaded. Born into the world of money but not letting it get to her head. Despite having money, she worked hard and whatever she made from that she gave to charities and started her own. And Lydia was lucky enough to be born into it as well, maintaining her mother's morals and getting herself ahead without the need of her family name. It served its purpose in the end, even with her mother wanted to offer money to her daughter after getting to Walter and his imprisonment. While money was struggling in the house, Lydia couldn't take the money for her mother for the simple reason that she'd be right.

The evening was certainly brisk as the pair made their way to the fancy apartment complex of the Upper East Side, where her grandmother resided. The two were dressed in their finest clothes, per her grandmother's request. Felicia going through her trauma tried to push past it even if it was bit, just for her grandmother for today. Felicia had the fondest memories of her grandmother's place as being the sight of all her troublemaking. But in her house, it didn't matter. Jessica wouldn't ever say something to her granddaughter in retrospect, because she was the only granddaughter she had left.

The elevator ride up to the penthouse was their small area of time to fix all their small imperfections before facing her grandmother. The ladies undid their heavy jackets, fixed their small messy hair, and readjusted their dresses.

"Remember that your grandmother hasn't seen you in a long time, and she's going to want to know what you've been up to." Her mother advised her, "She knows that your father's situation is a sensitive topic for us. She'll probably not try and touch upon that tonight for our sake."

Felicia gave a solid nod as she looked down at the jacket that was being held in her arms. The dress that she had chosen had draped over her arms, covering them up for tonight and falling to the floor. The small amount of red lipstick that she applied to her lips and the nicely done hair that varied from her straight one. In this instance, she felt different. The clothes that she used to wear felt different to what she had grown accustomed to over the past weeks. What she was wearing made her feel safe in her skin again. Like it was starting to feel a tiny bit normal of having makeup on her face.

The doors slid opened with an immediate greeting by her grandmother, enveloping the two in an aggressive hug. "It's been ages since I've seen you."

Her grandmother pulled away and examined Felicia's face, taking her cheeks into her hands, "My darling granddaughter, how I've missed you. You've gotten to be so beautiful and you've grown haven't you?"

Felicia smiled at her very observant grandmother, "Yes, I have grown grandma. And the beautiful I get from my mom."

Once Felicia said that, her grandmother took note of her mother. Both of them locked eyes and exchanged another hug, this one speaking of forgiveness. The two woman not speaking at all, instead letting the embrace say all that needed to be mended. In Felicia's life, she had never known her mother and grandmother to stay mad at each other for long periods. They realized that whatever fight they had just drew them away from each other, and in the end they'd come back and reconcile.

"Come on, girls. I have dinner prepared just for you." Her grandmother led them to the dining room. "It's your favorite, Felicia. Chicken Franchise."

Even with the sound of that plate, Felicia felt normalcy returning to her home, to her body, to her mind. All she focused on was the laughter and the fun of the three of them having in the dining room. No disputes, no awkward questions, no feeling of negativity plagued them. It was like she was in a separate reality, where she didn't get sexually assaulted, pushed into a pool, or her father going to jail. She was in a world that only good things happen.

As the night grew long, all three woman grew tired as well. Craving sleep again as they did twelve hours ago. But her grandmother urged them to stay, for the night was already dark and shadows lurked in them to cause harm. Felicia blindly agreed with her grandmother, because she knew of those shadows and the trouble that they could cause.

"This is your room." Her grandmother twisted the knob on the door, only for it not to open. She tried to open it again to realize that she must have committed the silly mistake of locking herself outside of it. "Looks like it's locked."

"Do you have two Bobby pins, grandma?" Felicia asked. Within a couple of seconds, her grandmother returned with the simple pins that she had requested.

The blonde took it out of her hand and started with what her father taught her moons ago. Felicia took one of the Bobby pins and stripped off the knobs, and made that one into a flat, straight metal piece. She then used the lock to bend the tip of the pin into a pick. Continuing to bend one end of the pick into a handle. As she took the other pin, and made it into a ninety degree angle. She inserted the lever into the lock first and then the pick, moving around the two pins trying to encapsulate the barrels into their respective parts to make the lock turn. Hearing most of them click, including the last one, Felicia applied a bit of pressure before turning the door handle and unlocking it.

Her grandmother looked at her in amazement, "Where did you learn how to do that?"

"Someone taught me how to," Felicia avoided a certain name from her. "It's a useful tool."


Sorry, I've been gone so long! And I haven't updated since September.
But this is kind of a filler but kind of not because I introduced her grandmother who will have a part in the story later on.
Also, this is a cool introduction to the other side of the family. Especially how close that they will become.

Also, Felicia is starting to feel more comfortable in a sense with her makeup. Now, don't expect her to revert to old Felicia because that won't happen. She's still in trauma and even though she told Peter, doesn't mean that she gets over it immediately. There is still more to do with the sexual assault and that'll play out in the following chapters.

Lock picking? Sounds like Black Cat is going to start cussing some trouble some time soon.

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