Chapter Thirty-Five

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I started thinking of all of the changes to my body. How would I learn how to fly? Would I be given humans to guard right away? What are the rules of being an angel? My mind wouldn't shut down and I was worried.

"Bella, relax," Edward said out loud. "I hear your worries, but you have no reason to be. Just rest. I'm here for you. I'll be here to guide you, every step of the way."

Even the flying?

"Especially the flying," he snickered. "It's one of the best feelings in the world. To feel the wind in your face, coasting the currents and seeing the world from a whole new perspective."

I sighed, snuggling into his arms and I felt my wings flutter. That was weird, let me tell you. The muscles in my back controlled them, but it was almost like a muscle spasm. I felt Edward's love toward me infiltrate my mind and he hummed happily as his fingers combed through my hair. My brain drifted. I listened to Edward's thoughts, which were filled of our time together, the love he had for me and the growth we had as a couple. But, those thoughts were not very comforting when my body clenched and pain radiating from every pore. "Edward!" I yelled, my eyes flying open.

"It's nearly finished, Bella. I promise you, you will be okay," he said gently. He sat me up and I had to be moved. I was boneless and had no control over my muscles. My wings spread and I yelped, gripping Edward's biceps. "You're almost there, my love. The wings are fusing to your spine and you should feel a tingle throughout your body."

My whole body lit up and my wings fluttered, almost an uncontrollable spasm. The tingle was stronger than he thought, because I felt like I was being electrocuted, similar to the pain I felt while with Riley, but different, almost an electric sizzle along my skin. My eyes shot open and I gasped. The pain stopped abruptly and I gained control of my body. My wings retracted, tucked near my body and lay behind me. Edward was crouched in front of me, his eyes so green, but also had facets of gold, brown and even a touch of blue. Blinking slowly, I reached out and touched his face, feeling his warm skin. He had a subtle glow around him, making him look ethereal, beyond angelic. "Edward ..." I breathed.

Tears welled in his eyes and the fell freely on his cheeks. "My Bella," he sobbed, pulling me into his arms and hugging me tightly. I clung to him, my own wings slithering around us and encasing us into our own bubble of safety. "You can protect me now," he chuckled. "How are you feeling?"

I moved my wings and looked around. I didn't see any scars from my time with Riley. The blackened skin around my wrists, legs and belly were gone. I had a subtle glow as well. My pale skin was almost luminescent. "I feel like me, but not. It's weird ..." I shrugged. "And I have wings." I spread them, seeing their color. "They're white. Almost blindingly so."

"Do you remember what was said if you were changed into an angel?" Edward asked.

My memories were hazy, but I remember Carlisle mentioned that because of my parentage ... "I'm a Dominion," I whispered. "Wait, Carlisle! He's gone? I don't feel him, sense his presence."

Edward's eyes dulled and he nodded somberly. "He sacrificed himself to save you. He said it was his penance for letting you fall through the cracks and failing in protecting you when you were growing up. He removed the arrow with his bare hands and the poison got him, making him fade away. However, he was recycled and he will join us again," he murmured, his eyes sad, but hopeful. "Esme is doing okay, checking frequently on the baby who holds Carlisle's soul – a baby boy in England named Thomas."

"Is Esme here now? Or in England?" I asked.

"She's there, but will be back by sunrise," Edward said. "Now, why don't you shower and I'll make you something to eat. Transforming takes a lot out of you."

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