Chapter Thirty-Five

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

We're getting close to the end, folks. I'm thinking one more chapter from each of their POVs. Bella will be her waking up as an angel, showing, telling and sharing her love with Edward. They're also going to introduce Bella to the legion of angels.

Chapter Thirty-Five


There was no part of my body that didn't ache, but the worse pain was along my spinal column and through my shoulders. After the initial poke through of my wings, which was probably the worst pain I'd ever endured, they grew rapidly, but the agony was constant, aching and just uncomfortable. My body was changing, for the better, but it was torturous with the amount of pain I was in.

You did come back from the dead, so quit complaining, Swan.

I was faintly aware of the people in the house; my mind never shutting down. Edward, for the most part, was lying next to me and being a constant calming presence. I could feel his tender caresses of his fingers along my skin, his quiet whispers of how beautiful I was and a never-ending vow of staying by my side.




We would be together until the end of time. Our future was so promising, bright. It was so unlike my human life. It gave me solace, happiness and a sense of belonging, a family – something I never felt or had before.

I really loved the sound of that. I wanted my life to be his. I finally wanted happiness, true happiness and had a chance to get it. I wanted love, both freely given and shared often. I couldn't wait to share myself with Edward once again. He was a patient, passionate lover who always saw to my desires first, but watching him come undone was an amazing experience, too.

His head thrown back as he ... hmmm, absolutely beautiful. I need that. I need him.

Finally, I also desired to learn how to be me. For the longest time, I was Isabella, the broken girl. Now, I had a chance of moving past all that. I'd forever have my history, the dark part of my life, but with Edward's unending patience, devotion and love, I finally had begun to heal. Meeting my father, even his reincarnation, gave me strength to finally move past and see beyond tomorrow, to want to live for the future.

Yes, ultimately, it cost me my life. Emmett also was sacrificed, unjustly. He was inherently good but Rosalie tarnished his light. She'd planted a seedling of darkness inside and Lucifer capitalized on it, trying to encourage its growth, but Emmett, until his dying breath, fought it. He prevented so much violence against me, standing between me and Riley. When his human part wanted to ruin me again, Emmett put me in the cage and blocked him until Lucifer regained control. I prayed his death wasn't in vain ...

His soul was analyzed, Edward thought to me, his arms around my body. He was determined to be salvageable. He was recycled and perhaps, he will live to his full potential.

As an angel? I thought back.

That was supposed to be his destiny, but Rosalie and Riley had other plans, corrupting his thoughts and actions. But, his powerful character and need to be good saved him for the future, Edward said, his lips brushing my temple. How are you feeling?

Ready to wake up ... I thought.

Only a few more hours. Your transformation is nearly complete, pretty Bella. Though, you're far more than pretty. You always were, Edward cooed. Gorgeous, exquisite, angelic ...

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