Chapter Twenty One

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I wasn't surprised when she hadn't let my car through the gate, so I had to use a spare key to get in through the gate door. Holly hadn't been in all week, and according to Mikayla, she refused to leave her room and come down for dinner. What I'd said hurt her. A lot. And that's the last thing I would ever want to do. Holly was... family, I guess you could say. We had to stick together. And in order to do that, I had to apologise.

"Holly open the door," I sighed, waving at the little camera above me.

I heard a loud groan and watched as the door opened slowly, she peeked her head out and sighed. I frowned, what was she hiding behind that door?

"Yes, Katie?" I ignored her and pushed it wider to see her in Lazy Town pyjamas and minion socks.

"Oh my God," I gasped, slapping a hand around my mouth, "get dressed, I'm taking you out,"

"I don't feel like going ou-"

"I'll wait for you in the living room," I smiled, inviting myself in, and spotting Mikayla on the couch. She was watching a documentary about birds or something.

"You two made up eh?"she grinned, scooting over as I took a seat next to her.

"Not yet, she's getting dressed so I can apologise properly," I looked around, "and do it in a much better setting," The house was a lot smaller than mine, the entrance and backyard pool taking a lot of the space, but nevertheless it was a great venue for a house party or a small gathering. The floors were covered with wedding magazines and wine glasses and cake samples. I frowned at the cakes, resisting the temptation of stuffing one into my mouth.

"Our parents are renewing their vows," Mikayla said.

"For the third time?" I gasped.

"Fourth actually," she corrected me, "Holly's mum loves the attention,"

"I would imagine," I looked to my left and spotted Holly putting her shoes on, "Right, we'll be off then," I gave Mikayla a quick hug and guided Holly towards my white Audi r8.

Neither of us said a word as I drove, the sound of music on the radio and my profanity whenever I got road rage breaking the deafeaning silence that seemed to fill the air. She sighed as soon as I put the car in park, running her hand through her hair as she took off her seatbelt and got out the car.

"We're going onto my yacht for the day," I smiled, the both of us walking side by side towards the yacht. Of course, the side of it wrote, K.Darlington, and of course, multiple paparazzi stood beside it waiting for my arrival. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to post on my snapchat story that'd I'd be on the sea the next morning.

"Why? So you can prove how much better you are than me? Trust me, I already know," Holly scoffed as she climbed the stairs onto the deck. I rolled my eyes as I began to drive out onto sea, my dad taught me how to when he first bought it for me. It was pretty useless in the UK, since the weather was never nice enough for me to actually use it. But it was quite warm today and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, so why not?

I stopped the boat and turned around to see Holly, who had already helped herself to some champagne. I sat beside her and poured myself a glass and sighed. "Let's go sit on the deck chairs and chat, it's where the sun is so we could try and soak up what's left of the summer," she nodded as I led her towards the deck chairs, laying down and taking a sip of my drink.

"You didn't come in all week," I spoke, staring out into the sea.

"I went to go and see him," she downed the rest of her drink, "I went to see Archie's brother,"

I gasped, "W-when?"

"Thursday. I wanted to make what I did right," she played with her fingers.

"There is no way to make it right. He's lost most of his li-"

"I know that Katie! I know. And he made sure I understood that when he saw me," she took a swig from the bottle, "he called me slut, and told me I'd burn in hell. That I'd ruined his life and once he was out, he'd make sure that mine was ruined,"

"He doesn't understand does he?" I chuckled, she looked at me strangely, "we're the Elite. Our lives are already ruined," she nodded and began to laugh, causing me to laugh and soon we were both bursting into a fit of giggles.

"Gosh, we are so fucked up aren't we?" she set the bottle down, "on Monday, I shagged some girls boyfriend, and told her to be grateful because I'm an Elite and I've practically approved the pengness of her boyfriend,"

I cackled, "You're evil,"

"So are you," she picked up the bottle and took a sip, "we all are,"

I sighed and looked at her, "Do you think Denise's dad was right? About Pheobe?"

"Of course I do. We killed the lass," Holly sucked her teeth and swallowed, "we're murderers,"

"Don't say that," I clenched my jaw, looking down at my hands, "God, why does life have to be this way?"

"No one ever said being apart of a powerful group of rich people was easy," she chuckled, "No one,

We sat in silence for a while, staring out into the sea.

"I'm sorry about what I said to you," I swallowed.

"I started it, I shouldn't have spoken when I kept staring at your boyfriend," she paused, "and you,"

"Oh my God. You like Harry!" I screamed, smacking her thigh.

"No no no no no," she shook her head.

"Yes you do! You bloody like Harry!You weren't looking at me at lunch, you were staring at him!"

"Its just a school girl crush, its nothing," she mumbled, I screamed with laughter, smacking my thigh, holding my stomach.

"You can have him," I smiled once I settled down, "the relationship is a publicity stunt,"

"No it's not," she scoffed, "you like the lad and that's final. You too are constantly all loved up and the paparazzi are eating it all up, you guys are in love," she smiled and ran a hand through her hair. I cleared my throat and took a few gulps of the champagne.

Maybe she's right. Ok, we like each other a lot, but we're not in love.

After that Holly and I went home and talked about everything. About Pheobe, Harry and our lifestyle. But one thing that stayed with me for quite a while was what she said on the yacht.

"No one ever said being apart of a powerful group of rich people was easy,"

No one.

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