Dates? Check...but I'm lying.

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HEY<3 So, I kind of wished the Yule Ball in HP 4 had gone a little differently...I just thought of this one day and soon it developed into a full blown fanfic! :D I tried to make it funny...hope I pulled it off;) Also, listen to the song on the right<3 sums up my its really sweet! x)

“This is getting ridiculous!” Ron moaned, dropping his head into hands. “I just can’t believe this. The ball is this Weekend and we’re still both dateless.” Harry nodded his head in agreement. 

 We were all sitting by the fire place in our favourite seats. Harry was sitting on the armchair and Ron was slouched on the sofa. I was sitting next to him giving him some much needed sisterly support i.e. rubbing his arm.

“Hey,” Ron said sitting up, excitedly “Harry, you can go with Ginny!” I caught Harry’s eyes for just a second but in that second I knew that he didn’t think this was such a ridiculous idea. 

“Well, Ginny, what do you say?” He leaned over the arm of his chair and smiled hopefully at me. Ron too sat up, eagerly.

 “Sure, sure,” I held my hands up trying to appear all casual, but in actual fact my heart was racing and I couldn’t help beaming. “That would be great! I really want to go. But…what about you Ron?” 

His smile faltered “I’ll just ask….Lavender.” he said, scanning the room and picking the first 4th year girl he saw. “Yeah, and if that fails I’ll ask Parvati!” He smiled triumphantly at his plan. He pushed himself up off the sofa, ran his fingers through his fiery hair and walked, all casually, over to where Lavender and Parvati were sitting, doing homework. 

I and Harry smiled at each other, knowing that both Parvati and Lavender both had dates already. “Should we have told him?” I asked, guiltily. 

“Nah,” Harry shook his head “That would have flattened his already squashed self esteem. At least this way he can lie to us. So don’t let on that you know, ‘kay?”

Sure enough a moment later and Ron was stomping back to us. “Well,” I asked hiding my smile “What’s the verdict?” 

Ron just shrugged “I decided that I didn’t really fancy either of them so I just chatted them up a bit…Didn’t ask them out.”  I quickly turned my giggle into a cough. 

It was the day before the ball and Ron was still dateless. So, after classes had ended for the day I took Ron outside where most of the School’s students were mucking around in the . While we were there I just happened to point out various girls that he could go to the dance with. “Look there’s Luna!” I pointed over to the edge of the lake, where Luna was sitting alone, stroking the giant squid. 

“No,” snorted Ron, who was currently eyeing up her new carrot necklace to match her radish earrings “She’s barking mad. I am not asking Loopy Luna to the Yule Ball.  I’ll look like a prat.” 

I scoffed “I would have thought you would look more pratish standing by the edge of the dance floor, alone, tapping your foot along to the music while every other person in the school was dancing with their partners!” I glared at him. 

He shrugged “I S’pose…but just not Luna!! I’ll ask the next girl I see, just not Luna!” He was begging now, and I liked being the one to call the shots so I was extremely tempted to say no but I did have a conscience. 

“Fine, but definitely the next girl,” I said sternly. We strolled along for a bit until we saw Padma Patil standing with a group of Ravenclaw girls. “Go, you’re asking Padma.” I pushed him towards her, sensing his reluctance. 

Just as Ron walked towards Padma, Harry ran up behind me. “Hi, Ginny,” he smiled, me turning into the slushy gushy girly girl that I always turn into around him.

 “Hiya, Harry.” I said squeakily, twirling my hair through my fingers. 

“Any luck with Ron?” He asked, eyebrows raised, “Oh, is he asking Padma?” He glanced towards them. 

“Yeah, he is. I hope she says yes. I do feel for him.” 

Just then a piercing scream reverberated around my ear drum. “YES!!!! OMIGOD, YES!! THANK YOU!!!” Padma screamed, throwing her arms around Ron and kissing him on the cheek. 

“I guess she said yes then!” Harry beamed, chuffed for his chum. 

“Uhuh,” I nodded, taking this moment to stare at Harry, open mouthed. But it snapped shut when he turned and smiled at me. 

“Shall, we?” he asked 

“’Course,” I replied and we both turned and walked back towards the common room. 

“I need to pester Hermione a little bit more about who is taking her to the Yule Ball!” Harry joked. I giggled because I already knew…

Thanks for reading<3 I love you...

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