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The weekend came and went and by Monday morning, Cordelia was more depressed than she was when she was first taken from her home. She wasn't sure why she was depressed. She should be happy that she got away from that wretched Pierce.

She was walking around her old home that was right next to her parents' home. It didn't feel like home anymore. It didn't feel right. She was so used to having someone sitting right there next to her on the same seat or couch. But no one was there to sit with her. Then she figured out why she was depressed and why home didn't feel like home.

Pierce wasn't there with her.

As much as she hated to admit, even though he was mean and aggravating, she loved his presence. She loved having him being right there. She loved him. He calmed her down when he wasn't being mean.

She huffed and sat down on the couch. But as soon as she did, there was a knock on the door. "Hello?" Kaden's voice called. "Delia? Are you in there?" Her voice called again. Cordelia walked over to the door and opened it to reveal a worried Kaden. "How did you get here?" Cordelia asked as she hugged her. "Anna showed me the way." Kaden said after parting with Cordelia. "You need to come back."

Cordelia sighed. As much as she wanted to, she shook her head no. "I can't. I'm sorry." Cordelia told Kaden. "Why not?" Kaden asked. "He was mean to me. I let him push me down and walk all over me." Cordelia huffed. "He misses you, Cordelia. Ever since you left he's been locking himself in his room and won't come out. He isn't eating and.. before he heals, I've seen red marks on his arms. I think he's cutting again."

Cordelia furrowed her brows. "Again? What do you mean again?" She asked Kaden. "I've been friends with him since we were kids. Ya I was only 7 when his parents died, but when they did I saw red marks on his arms before they healed over. I didn't realize until a couple years ago he had self harmed. He's doing it again. His walls are up and he's broken."

Cordelia sighed. "Here's your dress. Will you at least come tonight?" Kaden asked as she handed Cordelia her dress. Cordelia opened her mouth to ask where it came from but she closed it immediately and grabbed the dress from her. "Fine. I'll come tonight to the party and I'll talk with Pierce." Cordelia said.

Kaden nodded. "I'm sorry for him. He's not the best person to be around. I understand that. But I can tell he loves you. He was much crueler before you got there, believe it or not. You're someone Pierce cares for deeply and he's hating on himself for loosing you. Without you, he's returning back to who he was. But worse."

Cordelia nodded. "What time should I be back tonight?" She asked Kaden. "Five? At 5:15 is when we're eating tonight." Kaden told her. Cordelia nodded again. "Okay. I'll see you then." Cordelia said. Kaden nodded. "See you then." She said and left.

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