Chapter 1

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I walked down the night street. It wasn't really that cold for the winter, which I was thankful for. Just a normal night in the city, walking home from my study group. Yes, I do study after school, since I actually care about my grades, unlike some sluts at the school. I didn't worry a lot about anything happening since this city isn't exactly famous for its crimes. In fact, it's really peaceful here. I was humming a few songs since, genius as I am, I forgot my damn headphones at home. I hummed until I heard sirens wailing about a block away. How long is it since I heard that sound the last time? Probably back when my dad........I don't want to talk about it.

I didn't really worry about what could happen. I mean, it was a block away. The police would catch whoever was there. I ignored it for a bit until the sirens started getting louder, as if they were driving towards me. That  worried me a bit, and I really got scared when I saw the red and blue flashing as the police cars seemingly drove directly towards me. They stopped suddenly in front of me. A few officers jumped out of the cars and pointed their guns at me. What did I do?  One of them, I recognized him as the chief of police, shouted "Get away from him, miss!" By the time I processed what he said, I felt a cold blade press against my neck from behind. "What's a little girl doing all alone in the big city, eh?" I heard a deep voice behind me say. He started pulling me back, with me trying to wriggle out of his grasp. "See you later, little girl." He then suddenly let go. 

I turned around to face my attacker, and I nearly screamed at the sight of that..things face. He had sliced his own cheek on both sides., to form a permanent and bloody smile. His eyes gleamed with insanity. His skin was pale white except for his smile. His hair was messy, black, and long. That's what I noticed before he moved out from under the street light and disappeared into the night. I put my hands on my neck, and just vaguely heard officers coming up from behind me. One of them grabbed my shoulders and turned me around.

"Are you okay, miss?" I just nodded, even though I wasn't. I can't say that it didn't really scare me. The police took me home, a little apartment not far from the crime scene. I wasn't even inside when my mother nearly crushed me.

"Are you ok, honey? They called me, you know. They told me all about what happened. Are you feeling fine? Should  I make you a cup of tea?" She pulled away, and walked over to the kitchen. She called to me from the kitchen "If you want to, you can stay home from school tomorrow!" I sighed, and called back, "I'm fine, mom." She came back with a cup of tea for me, and handed it to me.

"So, what happened?" I explained the whole thing to her, and told her how he looked. When I finished, she said, "It's unbelievable, what people do these days." She stood up. "Well, it's getting late, you should go to bed if you want to go to school tomorrow!" I walked to my small bedroom, and got ready for bed. When I got into bed, I could only think about what happened. What did he mean? Why did he say that? All I could think about was what he had said:

"See you later, little girl."

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