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Over the course of Tuesday evening, all of Wednesday, and Thursday morning, Pierce tried to get Cordelia to forgive him. Holding her hand, telling her that she was pretty, giving her hugs. But Cordelia wouldn't budge. Anna, Lowell, and Genevieve all found it funny but Pierce didn't.

"Why won't you just freaking forgive me already!" He growled at Cordelia on Thursday morning at around 11 am. "Because you act like this! That's why!" She yelled back. "Because you're aggravating me!" He yelled even louder. Cordelia scoffed. "Oh. I'm aggravating you? Well if I'm so aggravating and annoying then reject me. Come on, pup." She hissed the challenge.

Pierce growled. Being called pup is an insult to werewolves. It pretty much calling them weak. "Oh yea? Fine! I will! Cordelia. I re-..."

"Now that's just enough out of you two!" Genevieve stepped in and broke up the fight. "This is getting out of hand. You guys need to stop fighting. There's already enough stress going around this house about the celebration on Monday. We don't need you two fighting." She yelled at the both of them. She was right. There was a lot of decorating that still needed to be done and Kaden was freaking about the recipes and the food.

"Well you don't have to worry about me being a distraction for that. I'm not going. I'm going home." Cordelia cried out and ran out of the house. "Cordelia." Genevieve called and followed her out of the house. "Don't try stopping me, Genevieve. I made up my mind. If Pierce really wants me to come back then he can come get me." She told Genevieve as tears rolled down her face.

Cordelia changed into wolf and ran towards her pack. Towards the place she called home and wanted to be at right now. She wanted her parents.

Anna, Lowell, and Pierce walked out of the house to Genevieve. "Someone has to go after her." Genevieve said as she turned to face them but Anna shook her head no. "I've seen her get this way before. The best thing is for her to have time to herself. She's actually fairly dangerous when she's sad, hurt or heartbroken." Anna said then glared up at Pierce. "But if we send Pierce out to get her then maybe we don't have to look at him anymore." She spat.

Genevieve shook her head no. "No. If we send Pierce it to get her and he dies, then technically Cordelia becomes alpha here because Pierce doesn't have any kids. And that would put even more stress on the poor girl. If Pierce wasn't alpha, I'd say go for it." Genevieve shrugged. Pierce gave a shocked look. "I'm right here." He spat. "Ya. And it's your fault. What were you thinking? You idiot." Lowell hissed. "First you loose your temper with her and then almost reject her. You would've done it too if Genevieve didn't step in to stop you."

Pierce groaned. Why'd he say the things he did to her? He was more mad at himself now than anything. It was his fault but he didn't want to admit it.

"It isn't my fault. It's hers for not forgiving me." He finally said. "She wouldn't have to forgive you in the first place if you'd just stop being an asshole and actually love someone other than yourself for once." Anna spat. Two points for tweedle Dee and Dum and zero for me, Pierce thought to himself.

Cordelia came up on her pack. Everything looked destroyed but was being rebuilt. She changed back and wiped the remaining tears off her cheeks. "Cordelia?" Her mother's voice called behind her. She turned around to see her and smiled. "Hi mom." She said as Ann came up to her and hugged her. "I missed you so much mom. I'm sorry I didn't come home with you the first time." Cordelia sighed as they broke the hug.

"Did you reject him yet?" Ann asked Cordelia. Cordelia sighed. "Sadly not yet. But I will as soon as I can. I just wanted to come home first." Cordelia sighed. Ann shrugged. "That's fine. Stay as long as you want before rejecting him. It's fine." She said and led Cordelia back to her old house.

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