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Gotham's always the same. No sun. Clouds and smoke. Low life's sitting in alleyways, drinking and doing drugs and smoking. Cops running around the city trying to control the crime. Murders escaping, people getting kidnapped. Psychopaths being thrown in jail and escaping.

This is where I was born. Where my parents died. Guess I should start there.

My name's Nora Richardson, I was born in Gotham with the power to basically control people using my voice. Me and my three siblings can get anyone to do exactly what we say and they will do it, against their will.

My mom and uncle, known as Music Meister, are both incredibly good singers, that was passed down to my siblings and I. My uncle has vocal manipulation. My mom was able to control people with her voice. When my mom and dad had my siblings and me, we got her powers.

When I was probably thirteen, my uncle had killed my mom and dad. My siblings— Axel, Phoenix, and Hunter— and I all saw it. The cops arrived but Music Meister had already left. Axel, Phoenix, and Hunter left me alone to live a life of crime. I stayed on the streets, one of the worst things you can do as a thirteen year old Gotham girl.

When I was fourteen, I had hitchhiked my way to Star City. That's when a hero, Black Canary took me in I got trained in martial arts, while her partner, Green Arrow, taught me to use a Bo staff. I trained with the two of them along with an old sidekick of Green Arrow– Arsenal or Roy Harper. I had learned all their names rather quickly. Canary being Dinah Lance. GA being Oliver Queen (the goatee didn't help his situation.)

I helped them out when I was needer. That's when I became Siren. One day during training, Dinah let out a Canary cry at me. Usually, that would hurt my ears, this time, I was fine. Oliver figured it was an intolerance to it or I had taken some ear plugs from him to block out the cry. Dinah thought something else. About a week later, I had formed my own canary cry. Dinah knew exactly what it was, Oliver was shocked. 

When I was 15, I joined Dinah in the Birds of Prey. I left about five months later and moved back to Gotham. I got my own apartment and started helping the crime in Gotham. New hero in Gotham drew the attention of the Batfamily.

I got confronted by the bat himself and became and allie of his. I had later joined the Teen Titans. I still help the team out, not a fan of Robins leadership, but I can't complain. I'm mostly here in Gotham.

So that brings me here, on top of a Gotham gargoyle listening to police scanners, looking for a crime to stop.

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