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Cordelia had made a little picnic and practically dragged Pierce out of the house to go to the little garden. "This is what you wanted to do?" Pierce groaned as they sat on the park bench and ate. Cordelia nodded. "Yes. This is what I wanted to do." Cordelia told him sternly and grabbed a grape. "So suck it up, buttercup."

Pierce rolled his eyes. "Oh look. It's pretty girl again." Michael said as he walked up to the couple and smirked. "And the big, bad alpha." Michael said. "Hey Michael." Cordelia beamed up at him. "Hey, Delia. See you brought your friend out today." He smirked. "Ya. I was brought out here. Thanks for your two sense. You can go." Pierce said jealously. He didn't want any guy other than him to talk to her.

"Oh wow. Someone's jealous. Don't worry, Alph. I'll be heading on my merry, little way." Michael turned around. "See ya around, Delia." Michael said and walked away from them. Cordelia looked up at Pierce and sighed. "What? I got jealous." Pierce huffed and stuffed a corner of a sandwich into his mouth. Cordelia giggled. "You? Getting jealous? That's different." She teased and ate another grape.

Pierce furrowed his eyebrows. "Why is it different?" He asked her as he swallowed his food. Cordelia shrugged. "Since I got here, you were always so mean to me. You still kind of are. So seeing you being all nice and cutesy and jealous is new from the last week and a half." Pierce rolled his eyes. "Well it's not easy. You still annoy me." Pierce said and shrugged. Cordelia glared at him. "It hasn't been easy on me either. You were a cold hearted bastard."

"Well I'm sorry that I was a cold hearted bastard. Try loosing someone close to you. It's hard to change when you've been hurting for a long time." He growled. Cordelia growled. "I almost did! My best friend and my parents! I shouldn't have believed that you would change. Now I see that you never will!" She cried and stomped away.

Pierce sighed and set his face in his hands. "And of course I did something wrong to make her pissed. Great." He huffed.

"Why so mad, dear?" Genevieve asked as Cordelia stomped into the living room and laid down on the floor. "Pierce is dumb. He hasn't changed one bit. Like okay. Ya. It's heartbreaking that you loose someone close to you. Two is even worse. But when my pack got attacked, I thought I lost both of my parents and Anna. I was devastated. Depressed, even. And ya, I found out they were alive and okay. But still. After ten years, I wouldn't have become a walled bitch that killed just for the heck of it. I'd be mostly over of their deaths."

Genevieve sighed and set the book she was reading, next to her. "He just needs time. Almost two weeks isn't that much time, Cordelia. No one can change in an instant. Be patient." She told Cordelia calmly. "His blocked himself from the world for ten years. So obviously he's going to have issues with bringing himself back into it."

Just then, Pierce entered the house. "Dels?" He called as he came up to the living room and saw her laying on the ground. "I don't wanna talk to you." She huffed and turned on her side so she wouldn't have to look at him. "Come on, Dels. I'm sorry." He sighed and sat down next to her head.

She laid back onto her back. "Pierce. I..." Cordelia said and pointed a finger up at him. "I r-.... Dammit!" She groaned and turned onto her stomach to hide her face. She wanted to reject him so bad but it wouldn't come out of her mouth. She tried forcing the words out but they never came out. "Don't think I'll forgive you." She muttered. Pierce sighed. "Fine. Don't forgive me. But I'll keep saying sorry until you break and do."

Cordelia reached up and slapped his shin. "I hate you so freaking much." She groaned. "Of course you love me." Pierce teased and played with her hair. She slapped his shin again. "No I don't. How do you turn yourself off?" She asked, slapping his leg one more time. "Okay. That one actually hurt. Stop hitting me." Pierce said. Cordelia looked up and slapped him one more time before stopping.

She sat up and scooted away from Pierce. "You got some changing to do sir." She huffed, got up, and walked away.

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