Tyrion Lannister - Patience

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Inspiration (songs I listen to while writing) : Shawn Mendes - Patience 

King's landing was crowded, especially since the Hand of the King was visiting it since his leave for Winterfell regarding his son's health. There were many rumours going around about Bran Stark to the point where it felt ridicules just to listen to them. Even though you never trusted the rumours you had a bad habit which included curiosity. It had put you in many problems before.

However, today wasn't the day you were about to listen to gossips, you didn't see this as an opportunity to see the Hand anyway. You saw it as an opportunity to sneak into the library and take a book. Though many would have call this steal you just wanted to borrow it for a few days and give it back without anyone noticing.

Living your life in poverty didn't give you the luxuries of other people, like Tyrion Lannister, had enjoyed. You struggled to eat every day, much less to find good books to read. You were one of the few peasants who could read all thanks to your father. You cursed as you squeezed through some of the people. You managed to find the book you wanted; one that would help you make a cure for your little sister who was at home suffering from an illness. You took it off the shelf, wiped some of the dust off it, blowing your hair away from your face in the process.

Just as you started to walk away a voice shocked you. " Hey, aren't you going to pay for that?"

You stand still once you hear the sound of a guard. You knew your options for escape were limited. You could probably dodge him by entering the big mass of people but you could never outrun him, they were at least twenty of them outside that would catch you as soon as you try to run.

Soon all the attention turns from the Ned Stark towards you, and you awkwardly stand there silently. From the limited options you chose the worse one. Obliviousness.

"Pay for what?" You shrugged cluelessly." I did not take anything."

The guard fumed, glaring deathly at you. If stares could kill you would be death seconds ago." Bloody useless peasant, you took a book. Grab her by the arms!"

You felt your arm being yanked harshly and surely a bruise was going to form tomorrow on the same place. No matter how much you resisted, his grip only tightened increasing the pain in your wrist.

Before you were swarmed by guards and embarrassingly dragged through the room in front of half of the King's Landing a voice yells out to them to stop. The crowd parts as one man steps through.

From all the stories you heard about him you imagined him to be smaller with unpleasant futures covering his face. But when you had truly seen him with your own eyes he was taller and certainly more handsome. Tyrion Lannister looked at you, his brows pulled together . You took a step back nervously.

"I think your assumptions are wrong Ser Boros." He said, his voice clam and friendly.

You intake a breath, and to worsen the situation your stomach decided to leave a symphony of sounds as if you weren't embarrassed enough. Your cheeks redden waiting for a mocking laughter from Tyrion instead he just smiles at you.

"Perhaps she's guilty of the crime of being a commoner during my nephew's reign. Let her leave and try to make less of a scene next time. I will escort her out."

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