CHP. 03 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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Su Tang's hammering didn't hurt, it just feels ticklish, but his voice is loud, shocking Ling Si into semi stupidity.

( Note: hammering => imagine someone weak as hell beating you with their fists, it doesn't hurt, but you feel something)

"How am I a rogue?" Ling Si asked helplessly.

"You, you, you, you said you'll treat me to eat chicken ... ... Oh." Su Tang suddenly reacted, he immediately covered his mouth, his face flushed red, and his muttering discontinued, not going any further.

( Fun Fact: female prostitutes can be called chicken (ji), and male prostitutes can be called duck (ya))

Maybe he just overreacted a bit, "ba" it seems to be a modal particle, other folks like Ling Si never think of this, he, of all people, happened to defile it, the two people are not on the same line, causing Su Tang great embarrassment.

( Note: modal particle - "They are used to indicate how the speaker thinks that the content of the sentence relates to the participants' common knowledge." A type of grammatical particle)

( Note: Not in the same line = they're not thinking on the same wavelength)

"Ha, ha, ha, you are such a little ancestor, so amusing." System laughed at the side.

"Say or don't say chicken, euphemism between you, me, and him, can you blame me?" Su Tang muttered a few words, his face heated up again, he hammers Ling Si's back and buried his head into the side of the others neck, no longer saying a word.

( Note: Su Tang believes Ling Si wants to eat him )

This time Ling Si managed to react just then, thinking about it, Su Tang is interesting, he chuckled a bit, he was immediately bitten by Su Tang.

Bitten on the back of his neck.

Not to mention, Su Tang's little teeth's alignment is quite straight, not sharp, after biting, it left a small watermark, it doesn't painfully itch. Heat flares, Ling Si couldn't help but tremble a bit.

Su Tang thought the other was hurting from his bite, quite triumphantly, he said loudly: "don't refer to that matter again, otherwise I will bite you."

"Nnn~, okay." Ling Si nodded, in fact, he still wanted the other person to continue to bite.

Because it's exceptionally comfortable.

Fenglin mountain is not far from the capital city, down the mountain and then just walk a few miles, and you'll arrive. Ling Si walked very quickly, he was also carrying a little cutie on his back, he did not feel tired at all, but felt very happy.

Su Tang being carried felt natural and comfortable, he held bread in his right hand, on his left hand he held a water bag, when hungry, he took several bites, when thirsty he drank several sips. It was a picturesque scenery in May, colorful butterflies danced lightly, it was almost the same as a spring outing, Su Tang almost felt homesick.

"Little ancestor, right now your still in a cheerful mood, do you know where the female protagonist ran off to?" System, negatively stated.

"Oh, then you know?" Su Tang asked.

"I......" System was angered by Su Tang to the point that it choked, it took some time for it to ease, he said: "Anyway it's in the capital city, it's written in the script, I will not be in that place."

"Then what will I do?" Su Tang stopped eating the bread, he stuffed it back into Ling Si's bag, just in time to see a red string hanging around Ling Si's neck, he began to slowly pick at it.

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