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Another dream I had:

There is a baby who is very special for whatever reasons you come up with. It's a secret that the baby is special but there is a group of black hooded cloaked people who know and they're after it. MC is on the run, trying to protect this baby from the people and all sorts of things. I believe the MC is the child's relative. I dunno what happened to the mom. You could make her captured or died in childbirth or killed by the bad people protecting the baby. Whatever floats your boat.

The country is polarized. In the capital city, people are either filthy rich or dirt poor. There's a lot of corruption and gangs and con artists. The MC gets wrapped up into some things because plot, action, and adventure.

There are a variety of fantastical creatures. None as smart as humans, but for example, do not go into the dark forest. But there are also kind, safe ones. For example, pet "dogs" are huuuge and very smart. They're tamed beasts. At one point, after a flooding of the sewers during a chase (MC is running from the cloaked people), the woman who was helping the MC and their friend disappears in the flood and MC is searching for the baby she'd been holding. Someone is walking their dog and the dog breaks free of the leash. The owner and passerby thing the dog has gone wild and is out to attack. But the dog runs straight for a destination, knocking over stalls and people that are already caught in the flood. The dog digs through the debri and finds the baby. He shields it until the MC comes. Because turns out the woman didn't drown. And she was actually an undercover hooded person. She met up with the leader of the cloaked people and explains she had the baby but lost it. The leader says they need to find the baby nor before the MC does (if you are doing 3rd limited or 1st person POV, keep in mind, you cannot include this interaction). The MC spots the baby and also spots the hooded cloaked leader and the woman behind him. The MC realizes they were tricked and dashes to the baby. The hooded cloaked leader runs to the baby at the same time, but the giant dog lunges at the bad guy and the MC is able to grab the baby and escape.

The MC and friend are exhausted from running and try to find solace in the country (as in rural area outside the city) at a family member's house (grandparents in my dream). They think they are safe for a while but then the hooded people come in disguise. The family is stupid and nice. And the MC is afraid to tell them the truth because 1. The baby being special is a secret and 2. Telling the family the people are disguised bad guys can put the family in danger. So the MC escapes through a back road with the baby and their friend. The friend starts complaining that going down the main road is better. But the MC is certain that this way is safer. The MC tells the friend they can go down the main road. The friend is like "You have the baby. There's no point if you don't come." And the MC keeps telling the friend to stop yelling before the bad guys find them.

And then I woke up. 😅

Maybe the bad guys find them. Maybe the friend goes down the main road alone and gets captures or killed. If killed, the MC realizes they now are on their own to do whatever the task is with this baby (other than protecting it) because they can't trust strangers anymore―not after they were tricked once before. Or the loud fighting could catch the attention of bandits instead. Or maybe they just go silent treatment but realize they need to work together and they make up.

You could do a lot of things with the story in entirety, though. Like, why is the baby special to begin with? Are they the last child in the country or world? Are they magical? Are they the key to saving the country from the horrible ruler(s)? You can also make this either fantasy, or scifi, or sci-fi-fantasy (hence title). Good luck!

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